Semrush Vs Ahrefs: Which SEO Tool Is Best In 2024?

semrush vs ahrefs

SEO tools play a crucial role in improving our SEO efforts. There are many SEO tools in the market.

But, in this blog, I’m going to compare two highly used SEO tools, they are Semrush and Ahrefs.

Semrush Vs Ahrefs: Let’s see which tool is best suited for you and the SEO.

Let’s head towards the feature comparison of these two competitors.

What Is Semrush and Ahrefs?

Let’s get to know a quick overview of these two competitors.


Semrush is an SEO tool and a SaaS product, that is mainly used by digital marketers.

This tool is mainly focused on SEO-related searches and still it focus on it, which shows a wide range of queries and data.

semrush Vs ahrefs: Semrush sign up page

Here are the features of Semrush.

  1. Competitive research
  2. Keyword research
  3. Link building
  4. On page & Tech SEO
  5. Site audit
  6. Position tracking and more

We can see each feature detail in the comparison.


Ahrefs launched as a backlink tool, but later they added many features, that are competitive for Semrush.

It almost has the SEO features that Semrush has, so it’s the reason that we need to compare this tool’s features.

semrush Vs ahrefs: Ahrefs Sign up page

Let’s take a quick breakdown of Ahrefs features.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Rank tracking
  3. Site audit (Technical SEO)
  4. Content Explorer and more

These are the features, that Ahrefs is offering.

Wait, here comes the main part.

Which is the Effective Tool For Keyword Research?

First, let’s get to know about Semrush Keyword Research.


Semrush keyword research tool is the best of all, come see how it works.

For instance, I typed Semrush.

Semrush keyword research or keyword magic tool, it is a page it gives a lot keywords for my search query.

It provides me with 9,438 keywords related to Semrush, which is insane.

Compared to Ahrefs it will provide you a detailed data on each keyword.

It is the Semrush keyword overview, to ananlyse each keyword in detail.

This overview will show you everything such as volume, global volume, intent, CPC, competitive density, keyword variations, and questions related to keywords and the best part is, that it can automatically cluster your keywords.

Semrush is best for this feature, which helps every marketer to achieve their goal in it and the best part is it has PPC features for your ads.

Sermush is an all-in-one tool


Is Ahrefs a more worthwhile tool for keyword research compared to Semrush?

Let’s test it.

The same keyword, I enter in Ahrefs keyword explorer. It gives me 4,440 keywords, when compared to Semrush it gives fewer keywords.

Ahrefs keyword research or keyword explorer feature

It will show you the KD, volume, and clicks.

When it comes to Semrush, it will give a deep overview of a keyword, which Ahrefs was lagging in.

Ahrefs keyword research or keyword explorer feature. It providing a questions related to the keywords

It also provides a question related to your keyword. This helps you to write a blog with this question, and provide a right answer.

Google likes it when you answer the search queries.

Well, I’m not saying it is a worthless tool for keyword research, but when compared to Semrush, it gives more keywords, deep data, and much more overview than Ahrefs.

I’m not just saying it on my own, I using Semrush for a year and I used Ahrefs as well.

So, Semrush is best for keyword research.

Through this comparison, we get to know, which backlink analytics or backlink checkers provide more backlinks.

Let’s do it. First, start with Semrush backlink analytics.

I’m picking one of my competitor’s domains for the analysis, let’s see how many links are Semrush showing.

Here is the result.

Semrush analyse around, 2.2M backlinks and 68.5K referring domains.

It’s cool, right?

Semrush analyse around, 2.2M backlinks and 68.5K referring domains.

Now, let’s look at Ahrefs backlink checker. I insert the same domain in Ahrefs as well.

BacklinksReferring domains

You can see here, that Semrush analysed 2.2M backlinks and 68.5K referring domains.

At the same time, Ahrefs analyse 2.1M, and 65.4K referring domains.

Thus, the difference in their analysis was marginal.

Semrush improved its backlink analysis better and deeper than Ahrefs, but the two are giving their best and equalling.

Compared to their ease of use, Ahrefs is easier than Semrush.

Because Ahrefs launched as a backlink checker first, then only it bring other features.

So finally, ease of use is Ahrefs and more and deeper analysis is held by Semrush.

Which is the Effective Tool For Site Audit(Technical SEO)?

When comes to site audit, let’s see which is very effective.

I insert on both tools.

Let’s what it is showing…


Semrush has the best site audit feature, which I was using to audit my site.

Semrush shows the website’s health, it’s good to see your site’s health to know, is in good health. It shows, my website health is 79%.


Semrush site audit feature: showing my websote health and more

It also shows, broken links, HTTPs, internal linking, site performance, issues, and more.

Moreover, it will show, what is the issue and give guidance to fix it.

image 25

This is somehow really going to help to fix our site issues.


Ahrefs shows, my website health score is 85%.

Moreover, I’m not satisfied with this feature. Semrush is better than this tool.

But it will show,

  • Incoming links
  • Outgoing links
  • HTML tags
  • Performance and more

And, it will the loading speed.

Recently Ahrefs added another feature called ‘Structure Explorer’.

It shows your website’s different pages deeper.

At last, Semrush is top in technical SEO or site audit features. From my own experience, I’m saying that this was the best tool ever for site audits.

Which is the Effective Tool For Position Tracking?

Which shows you the right keyword ranking accurately? Let’s see it.


I’ve been using Semrush for a long period to track my keywords.

It was accurate and showed the real positions of the keywords.

Well, it also shows you the keyword visibility percentage.

Semruhs position tracking page: Its tracking my keywords every day

The best part is, it updates the keyword position daily. So, it is easy to track and it helps to improve our blog and keyword game.

So, tracking the keyword is easy in Semrush.


When it comes to Ahrefs, it also shows the right position of the keyword, which I already double-checked.

But, Ahrefs shows ranking twice per week, but Semrush shows daily.

So, In rank tracking Semrush was top. Two tools are best in tracking keywords, but still, Semrush has extra features and is stronger than Ahrefs

Feature Comparison Of Semrush & Ahrefs

Let’s see every feature in a single table.

FeaturesSemrush Ahrefs
Keyword ResearchYesYes
Site AuditYesYes
Backlink AnalysisYesYes
Content AnalysisYesYes
Position TrackingYesYes
Competitor AnalysisYesYes
Technical SEO AuditYesYes
SERP Feature TrackingYesYes
Brand MonitoringYesNo
Social Media TrackerYesNo
Content Marketing ToolsYesNo
PPC Keyword ToolYesNo
Organic Traffic InsightsYesYes
Backlink Gap analysisYesYes
Keyword Gap AnalysisYesYes

With this table, you can see both tools provide the same feature, but Ahrefs has a lag in a few features over Semrush.

Pricing and Value

Let’s see, which tool is best for its pricing and value.

It is based on your needs, if you are using only backlink analysis, then Ahrefs is better for you. But I would suggest doing it in Semrush.

As we see in the comparison, Semrush Wins.

And I’m not saying that Ahrefs is bad in this. I’m just comparing this tool and using these tools, with the performance Semrush is one step ahead of Ahrefs.

Now, come to pricing.

Semrush pricing starts from $129.

Semrush pricings

In the pro plan itself, you will get more features like SEO, and PPC.

I suggest you choose the plan based on your needs. If you’re confused about selecting plans, here is the comparison of Semrush costs.

Ahrefs pricing starts from $99.

Ahrefs pricings

There is a change in Ahrefs pricing model, I don’t know if it’s your bad luck or not.

Ahrefs is also charging based on your usage. It is more complicated and expensive than Semrush.

They launched this pricing model in 2022.

So, what do you think?

Which SEO tool is best? and which tool wins this comparison?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

Your assumption is correct, Semrush WINS.


Atlast, the winner is Semrush.

What’s your take on this, you can frankly say your opinion.

Which tool is best for you and why?

I’m eager to know your answer, drop your opinion in the comment!

Let’s know about each other’s opinions.

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