Boost Your SEO: Master Semrush Position Tracking

Semrush Position Tracking

In the blog ranking war, SEO and keywords are crucial. Both help your blog rank in the SERPs.

Like, if you write original content and use the right keywords that match users’ intent and searchers

You are on the right path to improving your blog’s organic rankings, making your site a credible source in your niche.

To do this, track your keyword positions using an effective tool. This will show you a comparison to competitors and your keyword rankings.

The tool monitors your keyword daily, allowing you to adjust your content based on how you stack up against competitors.

Here is the solution!

Semrush Position Tracking helps monitor your keyword rankings, provides a landscape map, shows competitor positions, and offers insights into SERPs.

Dig deeper to learn more about it.

How Semrush Position Tracking Works?

Let’s see, how to set up a position-tracking project and how it works.

First login to your Semrush account. If you don’t have an account, create a new account with a 14-day free trial.

In the SEO dashboard, click on position tracking.

Semrush Position Tracking: showing where you can find the position tracker in semrush

Then, you will see a page for position tracking. Enter your domain in the box.

Now, click on Set Up Raking.

Semrush Position Tracking: page to create a  position tracking project

You will be directed to a page to select your Search engine(Google, Bing, and Baidu), and device(Mobile, desktop, or tablet).

Then, select your preferred location. You can track your keyword for local SEO(Business).

For instance, I select Google, Desktop, and Location as India.

Semrush Position Tracking: show to create a position tracking, by entering, search engine, device, location and local business name

If tracking a keyword for your local business, enter it. But. for now, I’m not entering any.

The next step is, to enter the keywords you want to track.

So, I entered three keywords: Semrush review, Semrush login, and Semrush keyword clustering.

Semrush Position Tracking: its page for enter the tracking keywords

Click start tracking. It will take a few minutes to set up the project.

Semrush Position Tracking: its showiing, that your project is inprogress to create project

Yes, your Semrush Position Tracking project is now ready.

It will show you the keyword position and visibility percentage.

Semrush Position Tracking: Its show you the keyword position and visibility percentage.

It’s cool, right?

Below, I show you the rankings distribution of the keywords.

Semrush Position Tracking: It  show you the rankings distribution of the keywords.

Look and discover the potential opportunities and measure your SEO or PPC efforts.

Semrush Position Tracking: it shows that the potential of opportunities and measure your SEO or PPC efforts.

You can also see your competitors for your target keyword, which helps to improve your ranking by adjusting your strategy.

Semrush Position Tracking: It shows your competitors for your target keyword

One of the best features is exporting the rankings reports.

Semrush Position Tracking:  this is the page to export the report as pdf or it can send the report to your email in a PDF format.

You can export the report as a PDF or have it sent to your email in PDF format.

Additionally, you can schedule the report to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly.

These are the features you will get in Semrush Position Tracking. I hope, you now have a good idea about this tool.

What are the Limitations of the Position Tracking Campaign?

There are a few limitations based on your plan. Let’s take a look.

For every plan, you can create one project, including the free plan.

Here are the keyword limitations for tracking,

Free Users110
Pro Users5500
Guru Users15 1500
Business Users405000

You can track 20 competitors with the free plan, 100 competitors with the pro plan, 300 competitors with the Guru plan, and 800 competitors with the Business plan.

Cool, right?

So, these are the limitations of the different plans.


In conclusion, this tool offers great features for tracking your keywords. I wouldn’t say, that it’s not worthwhile. It is a powerful tool for tracking your keywords.

You can ask any marketer or anyone using this feature, no one will complain because it’s that worth it.

So, now it’s your turn. Are you using the position tracking feature in Semrush? If not, try it soon.

What other tools are you using to track your keywords?

If you have any doubts or questions about this feature, comment below and I assure, you that I will resolve them.

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