RankAtom Review: Affordable Keyword Research Tool in 2024?

RankAtom Review

Looking for RankAtom Review? We got you covered with this in-depth analysis of the tools combined with our experience with the tool.

Every SEO professional and digital marketer knows about keyword research tools.

In this review, I’m going to talk about a new SEO keyword research tool called RankAtom.

I’ve been using Rankatom for quite some time now and I’m going to share my experiences with it.

Brief Overview Of RankAtom

Rankatom Review

RankAtom is one of the newest SEO keyword research tools, and it’s a SaaS product. This tool gives you daily keywords based on your search query.

You can also keep an eye on how well your targeted keywords are doing.

Using this tool, you can discover long-tail keywords, understand search intent, and more.

Features Of RankAtom

I’m going to show you the features one by one, using pictures and brief explanations.

First up is the dashboard of the tool. Here you can see your credits, how much you’ve used, and the balance of your credits.

Dashboard of the RankAtom tool

On the right side, there’s a tutorial to help you better understand this tool.

The options on the left side of the image below are for keyword research, rank tracking, BERT analysis, settings, billing, and redeeming your code.

RankAtom: Options buttons

Let me explain the features…

1. How To Do Keyword Research In RankAtom

Enter your seed keyword and click on find keywords for more keywords.

RankAtom: keyword research exmaple

Also, you can choose the country and language for your article, which is very convenient.

In the image, you’ll see a sub-heading labeled “Search Report.” Your keywords will appear under it.

Look at the below picture, it provides me with 179 keywords for my search query.

Rankatom: provide me with 179 keywords for my search

In the keyword research, you will also get, suggestions, questions, comparisons, prepositions, related keywords, favorites, and competition keywords, and also it generate keyword clusters.

RankAtom keyword research features

Also, you can adjust the generated keywords based on your preference, like the topic, intent, volume, cost-per-click (CPC), domain authority (DA), and others.

Rankatom: legend topic and adjustable keywords

I hope you noticed the subheading called “Legend” in the above picture.

It shows five colors, what each color means, and what they indicate. I have mentioned it in the above picture itself, have a look at it.

It will show, no weak spots, low domain authority (DA), user-generated content websites (UGC), custom domain, and your website. A different color indicates each one.

Also, you can export the keywords and their details.

Note: (1 credit/report)

2. How To Use Rank Tracker In RankAtom

Enter your tracking keyword and your domain, then click on “Track Keywords.”

Choose whether you want to see the keyword’s SERP daily, weekly, or monthly.

Rankatom: rank tracker, Enter your tracking keyword and your domain and click on track keywords.

The result is shown in the picture below.

This picture shows that I entered a keyword, which ranks in 6th place on the search engine results page(SERP).

RankAtom: rank tracker SERP page

It shows your competitors. The SERP will display the top 100 results based on your targeted keyword and indicate if you are in the top 100.

Rank Tracker helps you identify the position of your targeted keyword on the search engine results page (SERP).

RankAtom: rank tracker SERP page and the competitors place in top 100

If your targeted keyword is not ranked in the top 100, the rank tracker from RankAtom won’t show it in the results.

Note: (1 credit for each SERP)

3. How To Do BERT Analysis Using RankAtom

Enter your keyword and click on the “Analyze Now” button.

The result will be saved in the folder.

In the picture below, I have numbered the steps.

Rankatom: BERT analysis page and steps to do

After that, the results will be shown to you. You can see in the image that I typed “how to do keyword research.

For this keyword, it shows the best scores and answers related to that keyword.

It also provides the latest updates.

Rankatom bert analysis result page with maarked examples.

BERT analysis will help you identify long-tail keywords relevant to people’s search queries and help you select effective and relevant keywords.

So, the main purpose of BERT analysis is,

  1. Helps to improve content relevance
  2. Helps to optimize long queries
  3. Helps to improve user experience

Many tools don’t provide this feature, but this one does.

Note: 10 credits for each analysis

4. How To Do Competitor Analysis In RankAtom

Enter the name and domain of your competitor, then click the “Add Competitor” button.

For example, I enter “devopscube” as the competitor’s name and provide their domain for analysis.

In a matter of seconds, the analysis will be completed.

RankAtom: competitor analysis page and I mentioned its icon

The result will be shown in the image below…

RankAtom: competitor analysis result page

Through this analysis, you can discover the domain authority, page authority, total number of links, number of external links, rankings, keyword usage, traffic rate, and the total number of links on your competitor’s page.

This feature was added recently, and it’s a new addition to the RankAtom tool.

5. Keyword Research Settings In RankAtom

To see this feature, click on the ‘settings‘ option.

Rankatom review example: Keyword Research Settings option in rankatom

Afterward, you will see a page for keyword research settings, as shown in the picture below.

Why are keyword research settings useful for you?

Here’s why:

Step 1: Customize your weak spot domains, one domain per line. It will report all your Google keywords.

Rankatom review example: Keyword Research Settings page

Step 2: Choose your Max. DA based on your needs.

Step 3: Enter domains to get your report.

Step 4: On the right side, you will see the options: social media, Quora, Reddit, other forums, files, and keyword golden ratio.

Rankatom review: keyword research setting features

Turn on the options according to your needs, and you will receive reports from those options as well.

Overall, in my point of view, this feature needs more improvements.

I assure you, that with every improvement and update of this tool, I will update this blog for you.

I want to mention another feature.

TryHumanize Connect

You can find this option below the keyword research settings.

This is the latest feature they have added to this tool.

Rankatom review: Tryhumanize connect feature in ranktom

Connect to TryHumanize and directly import clusters.

What does this mean?

It means you can directly import your clusters into TryHumanize, simplifying the content creation process even more.

However, this feature has some bugs and is not working clearly. They are working to improve this feature, and you will benefit from this tool.

RankAtom Pros and Cons

I have organized all the pros and cons of RankAtom in the following table.

Features Pros Cons
Keyword Research βœ…
Site Audit ❌
Rank Trackerβœ…
SERP Analyisβœ…
Search Intent βœ…
Backlink Audit❌
Domain Overview❌
BERT analysisβœ…
Keywords clustersβœ…
Keyword Gap❌
Keyword Rank Monitorβœ…
Domain Authorityβœ…
Traffic Analytics❌
Backlink gap analysis❌
Organic Research❌
Competitor Analysisβœ…

Pricing Comparison Of SEMrush, Ahrefs Vs RankAtom

StarterStarts at $129/monthStarts at $99/monthStarts $39/month
IntermediateAround $249/monthAround $199/monthAround $99/month
PremiumStarts at $499/monthStarts at $399/month$199/month
EnterpriseCustom pricing Starts at $999/monthCustom pricing
Free trialWith some limited features$7 for 7-days trailyes

Based on this comparison, I have come to the conclusion that, in comparison to SEMrush and Ahrefs, RankAtom is more affordable.

It is a budget-friendly option compared to the other keyword research tools.

Currently, there is an offer available on AppSumo.

The starting price for RankAtom on AppSumo is $39, and it’s a lifetime offer.

RankAtom: life time offer in appsumo in low price

They also offer four pricing tiers, and for each tier, the amount will be different, but it’s a lifetime offer. Pay once and use it for a lifetime.

Comparison Of RankAtom’s Free & Paid Plans Features

I will show you the features of the free and paid plans.

FeaturePaid PlanFree plan
Keyword listsβœ…βœ…
Track Rankingsβœ…βœ…
Competition Insightsβœ…βœ…
No. Of Keywords Track100Unlimited

So, from the table, you understand that the free version has some limitations.

Pricing & Plans Of RankAtom

Now let’s look at the monthly and annual plans & prices for the tool.

So, the first picture shows monthly plans and prices.

RankAtom: Plans and pricing

They divide the plan into three categories: Starter, Plus, and Pro. You can choose the plan based on your comfort and needs.

The next image shows the yearly plans and prices.

RankAtom tool: Plans and Pricings

So, the annual plan also has separate categories, just like the monthly plans.

The Bottom Line: My Rankatom Review

In my opinion, this is one of the best tools for keyword research in terms of affordability. You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to get started with Keyword research.

The tool offers great value for the money.

However, it does have some delays in some features. Compared to other tools like Semrush and Ahrefs, RankAtom falls behind.

But, It’s a valuable tool for conducting keyword research, tracking rankings, competitor analysis, and performing BERT analysis. The TryHumanize connect feature needs more improvements.

For Keyword research, it’s a worthwhile one. It gives keyword-related questions and keyword clustering, but keyword clustering is not accurate when compared to Semrush and Ahref

I have been using Rankstom for a while now. I will keep updating my learnings and experiences in this blog.


In conclusion, in my experience, RankAtom provides the latest keywords and updates, and I am satisfied with the available features.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Have you used Rankatom yet?

If so, what is your overall experience? Good? Bad? affordable? Somewhere in between?

Let me know your opinion in the comments section below.

  1. So what is your verdict – Kwfinder or RankAtom? I’ve been using KWfinder for a couple of years now but am thinking of switching to RankAtom due to the amazing price. What would you recommend?

    1. Great question! RankAtom offers attractive pricing and has some features, which are pretty good. With the present features, I’m more satisfied with its price and have bought this tool for a lifetime deal. I use this tool for my daily tasks. However, it has some glitches; it might be updated and include more features in the future. Also, it will provide long-term use of this tool and every feature it launches. It’s not a big deal to buy this tool because it’s not very costly, and you will benefit from buying it.

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