Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing: Complete List (2024)

best AI tools for digital marketing

In this article, I’ve listed the best AI tools for digital marketing to boost your business in 2024. I have also shared my personal experience using these tools.

In today’s world, AI(Artificial Intelligence) plays a key role in every business and Digital Marketing is no exception.

I have picked the best tools that you can use for your Digital Marketing needs that primarily boost your productivity and will add more value to your personal or business needs.

Let’s dive into the list.

Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing

Let’s take a look at each tool in detail. I have added the tools in no specific order as each tool serves a specific purpose.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is among the premier tools for grammar correction and spell-checking. It offers both a free version and a paid version, and you can even use Grammarly on your mobile device.

I personally use Grammarly for all my writing needs.

Another key feature is the Grammarly browser extension, which helps you correct spelling on the spot. If a sentence is incorrect, it will display suggestions for the correct phrasing.

With just one click, you can fix words and grammar mistakes.

In the image below, I have provided examples of the Grammarly Browser Extension’s features.

grammarly spell check example
Grammarly unwanted symbols removing example

I hope you’ve gained some understanding of Grammarly from the picture.

The picture shows that it is correcting not only the spelling but also removing any unwanted symbols.

Grammarly Features

I have already mentioned two features in the picture above. Now, I will proceed to list the remaining features.

  1. Change the verb form
  2. Vocabulary suggestion
  3. Browser extension
  4. Remove unwanted space
  5. It will change the incorrect sentence
  6. Add the missed words

Another method for correcting spelling and other mistakes is to directly copy and paste the content into Grammarly.

It's the Grammarly page to check for mistakes.

On the right side, you will find the ‘Accept’ option. Simply click on it to accept the corrections.

Grammarly: How to Accept and Edit Mistakes - An Example

Comparison of Free, Premium, and business versions

One userOne userUse by team
Generate text, average writing suggestions, and unlimited detection.Everything is free, re-writes the full sentence, vocabulary ideas, unlimited ideas, and more featuresEverything in free, re-writes the full sentence, vocabulary ideas, unlimited ideas, and more features
100 prompts/month1000 prompts/monthEverything is free, re-writes the full sentence, vocabulary ideas, unlimited ideas, and more features


Pricing plans for the Premium and Business versions of Grammarly.

Grammarly plan and pricing image

2. dashboard I’m currently using to optimize content. In my opinion, it is the best tool for optimization.

It’s a paid version of the tool, and it has many features. I will show them to you one by one, based on my own experience with this tool.

You have the option to create new content and optimize it, or you can create a new document, add an existing article, and optimize the content.

Click on the “New Document” button and select your preference.

For example of using, here's how to include a new document

You can research your content through an overview of how many headers you’ve used, the inclusion of links, and images.

Additionally, you can review headings, questions, statistics, and news. Moreover, you can analyze your competitors who are relevant to your selected topic.

It's the option called "Overview," and the available choices include words, headers, links, and images.(example)

This overview will help you improve the article.

You can see in the picture, that I used 925 words, but my competitors used a maximum of 1.7k words.

So I want to optimize the content according to that.

If it shows a green tick mark then it is good enough to optimize your article.

Then, navigate to the ‘optimize’ option. Within this section, you will be able to view the article score, which indicates the average level of optimization.

The interface displays your selected keywords along with those of your competitors. Additionally, it indicates utilized and unused long-tail keywords, clusters, titles, headers, and the backlist.

Under the ‘By Status’ category, you can observe topic gaps, completed keywords, keywords currently in progress, and frequently overused words.

It displays the topic score from, as well as the in-progress and completed keywords.

In the first picture, there’s a topic score where the yellow line represents the maximum level for optimization.

In the second picture, you can observe a yellow box marked as 3/6. This indicates that competitors referenced 6 words with that keyword, while I only used 3 words in reference.

The green box indicates that the competitor referenced 1 keyword, just like I did. This signifies an equal level.

Tools in

I’m going to list some of the tools that are in, which are useful for your content creation.

  1. Article Writer
  2. Blog Title Ideas
  3. Listicle generator
  4. Meta Description Generator
  5. Paragraph Generator
  6. Sentence rewrite
  7. Tag lines
  8. Youtube video ideas generator

Plan and Pricing

The table of contents will show you the different plans and pricing of

Plan Pricing
Solo $14.99/month

3. Content At Scale

Content At Scale is one of the AI content creator tools that is the best in today’s age.

Dashboard of Content At scale

I have just started using this tool – it’s a dashboard for you. Here, you can create projects and optimize them.

Additionally, this tool can quickly generate high-quality content (2,500 – 3,000 words) for your articles. Other AI tools that I have tried only produced 1,000 or 1,200 words in comparison to this tool.

By utilizing this tool, you can sync your WordPress account with the dashboard. Content at Scale offers a plugin that allows direct synchronization with WordPress accounts.

While it does generate content, I must honestly say that it lacks a human touch.

This tool will be particularly useful for those who are busy with their work and are unable to produce an article every week, as well as for companies looking to increase their output.


  1. SEO ranking checklist
  2. Post Scheduler
  3. Optimization
  4. Write meta description automatically
  5. Easy to use
  6. WP plugin

Plan and Pricing

In the table below, I have outlined the plans and pricing for the Content At Scale tool.

Plan Pricing
Solo $250/month($31.25/post)
Starter $500/month($25/post)

4. Gemini

Gemini In my daily life, I use this AI tool, which is very helpful for providing the information and creative ideas I need.

It only takes a fraction of a second for Gemini to generate answers. It interacts like a human.

For example, if you ask Gemini for a “list of AI tools for Digital Marketing,” it will provide a list based on your question.

dashboard of Gemini

The information given by this was not always correct and accurate.

If we give the prompt as ‘Grammar correct’ and give the sentence to correct grammar, it will correct the sentence. Also, it will show the comparison between our sentence and the corrected sentence.

It is the best content creation tool, which is one of my favorite tools.

The best part is, that it will generate an SEO blog outline.

For instance, I typed Give an SEO blog outline for the keyword review.

Gemini generating SEO blog outline for my prompt

Cool right?

It gives sub-topics, what should we want to talk about under each sub-topic, and for everything, it will give ideas.

Note: Don’t copy and paste content from AI tools, it will harm your website and decrease your views.

Yes, they updated it very well and also it generate images with prompts.

Gemini comes under the content creation category

In the below image, I mentioned the Gemini advanced price.

Gemini advanced price

You will also get a 2-month free trial.


  1. Give the answers in an Informative
  2. Voice interaction
  3. Grammer correct
  4. Language Translation
  5. Analyze the images

5. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Login Page

Surfer SEO, We all know that nowadays, there are many AI tools for digital marketing. In that list, this tool stands out as one of the most essential tools for content marketing.

I have just started using this tool, so I’m going to cover a few things that I know about Surfer SEO.

Okay! It is mainly used for content strategy, helping to improve your organic traffic and increase your rank.

This tool analyzes the data to identify what you’ve missed or omitted from your content, site, and more…

One feature of Surfer SEO that I particularly like is the content editor. It is excellent for editing the content of your article.

However, I’ve noticed that some features are not available in this tool, such as backlink analysis and SEO site audit.


  • Keyword Research
  • SERPs analyze
  • Content Editor
  • Scan LSI keywords
  • On-page SEO analysis


Here are the plans and prices for the tool. The first image displays the yearly billing plan, while the second image shows the monthly billing plan. Please take a look at the images.

Monthly plan and price of Surfer SEO
Yearly plan and price of Surfer SEO

6. is the latest tool to detect AI-generated content created by AI content creator tools.

Dashboard of

I’m using this tool to determine if the content I’ve created reads like human-written text and whether its readability is good or bad.

Additionally, it aids in identifying plagiarism within your content. It can detect if you’ve utilized text from another article and displays the percentage of similarity, rated out of 100%.

Allow me to provide you with an example

Access the dashboard and place a box around the highlighted color key, along with the AI detector option (as shown in the example)

So, I generated this content using ‘ChatGPT’ and input it into this tool to begin scanning.

The tool will detect and display both the original content and the AI-generated content along with a score. In this image, the AI content has a score of 100% because I generated this content with ChatGPT.

The picture includes a color-coded key to show highlighting for your reference.

If you’re logging in for the first time, you will receive 25 free credits. Afterward, you will need to pay for the tool to scan your content.”


  1. AI detection
  2. Plagiarism checker
  3. Readability checker
  4. Website scanner
  5. Scan from URL


A basic subscription costs USD 14.95/month, and you can cancel it at any time. With this plan, you will receive 2000 credits (1 credit for every 100 words).

For a one-time payment of at least USD 30, you will receive 3000 credits. Similarly, the basic plan offers 1 credit for every 100 words.

7. DALL.E 3

DALL.E 3 login page

DALL·E 3 is an AI-powered tool that generates images for you.

I have only used this tool a few times to create images of what is in my head and the kind of art I want to see.

This tool specializes in taking your description of how your art should look and generating images accordingly.

In my opinion, it provides clear and high-quality images, along with good resolution.

You receive 15 free credits per month, and in the following month, you will also receive 15 credits. If your credits are exhausted, you have the option to purchase additional credits.

For instance, I will type ‘create a fish that resembles an AI’ and let’s see the result…

For example, it displays the generated image in DALL.E 2.

It’s funny, right? This tool is better than DALL.E 2.

You will get 15 credits, but if you want more, you can simply purchase additional credits. For $15, you’ll receive 115 credits.


  1. Generate Animation
  2. 3D images
  3. Generate images with different styles
  4. Good resolution images

8. MarketMuse

MarketMuse login page

Okay, let’s learn about this tool.

MarketMuse is a content strategy tool designed to optimize your content and assist in creating high-quality content.

I’ve used this tool once, and I must say it’s not bad at all. It’s more than capable of optimizing your content for better organic traffic.

This tool aids content creators in enhancing the content on their websites and provides ideas for improvement.

Furthermore, it offers suggestions to enhance keyword usage related to the topic, helping to refine the structure and readability.

With the assistance of this tool, you can generate new content. It provides relevant topics that have the potential to rank on search engines.

Key features

  • Content insights
  • Content planning
  • Content optimization
  • Auditing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Performance tracking


Plan Price
Standard $149/month ($1,500/year)
Team $399/month ($3,900/year)
Premium Custom annual agreement (need to contact sales)

9. Ahrefs

Ahrefs login page

Ahrefs: Most of you might be familiar with various keyword research tools that help identify the right keywords.

But Ahrefs is the latest AI-powered SEO keyword research tool. This tool aids marketers in achieving a high rank on the Google search engine.

I have a personal experience with this tool and am currently utilizing it. It provides a greater number of keyword ideas that are relevant to your search query.

It is very popular nowadays compared to other tools. Most SEO professionals and digital marketers are using this tool due to its wide array of features.

I’m going to list down the features of Ahrefs.

Key features

  1. Analyzing competitors
  2. Website Optimisation
  3. SEO Audit
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Rank tracker
  6. Give content ideas
  7. SERP

Advantages of Ahrefs

  • Easy to use
  • Wide backlink database
  • It gives a great area of features
  • Provides current information


It’s a monthly plan and pricing, which is listed below for your reference. It’s a little expensive tool.

Ahrefs plan and pricing

10. Growthbar

Growthbar login page

Growthbar is an AI-powered SEO tool that assists in content generation and boosts your website’s ranking.

With this tool, you can create new articles and optimize existing ones as well.

It aids in analyzing competitors’ keywords and backlinks, while also facilitating keyword research through this SEO tool, ultimately boosting your search engine ranking.

In my opinion, it’s one of the top-notch SEO tools available.

Moreover, this tool offers AI-powered features such as a blog post generator, chat paragraph rewriter, meta description enhancer, blog ideas generator, email newsletter assistance, and customizable AI models.


  • The AI content creator is not great and contains grammar errors.
  • The keyword research tool is imperfect; a few options are unavailable.

SEO Tools in Growthbar

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Roadmap
  3. Site Inspector
  4. Rank Tracker

These are the SEO Tools provided by Growthbar.


I have listed the plan and price for this tool below:


11. ChatGPT

ChatGPT 4 login page

I know, that everyone knows about the chatGPT in today’s age.

But, I want to show some incredible plugins of ChatGPT 4.

Before that, I mentioned the dashboard of ChatGPT 4 in the below image.

ChatGPT 4 dahsboard

On the left side, there is an option named Explore. Click the option for more plugins.

Video of latest 16 plugins of chatgpt

As you see in the video, about 16 latest plugins are offered by ChatGPT 4.

Interesting right? come let’s dig deep.

Not only these 16 plugins, there are so many plugins and one of my favorite plugins is Access Link and Link Reader.

ChatGPT plugins

It helps to access any link for you and according to the prompt you enter, it will give a selected information for you in a simple manner.

That’s why, I like these plugins most.

In the latest update, they added the DALL.E image creator plugin. It will create an image according to the prompt you have given.

For instance, I type ‘create an image of an SEO expert with full tension’.

See the result, in the below image.

It's an example of image, which was created by chatgpt 4

Do you see it?, it’s an image created by ChatGPT. Day by day AI is evolving.


ChatGPT 4 monthly subscription is $20 (₹1,650).

12. QuillBot

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool and helps to recreate the sentence with other words but with the same meaning.

Cool right?

Here are the features available in QuillBot

  1. Paraphrase
  2. Grammar Checker
  3. Plagiarism Checker
  4. QuillBot Flow
  5. Summarizer
  6. Citation Generator
  7. Translator

These are the features, that are available in QuillBot.

QuillBot - AI tools

QuillBot Pricing and Plans

There are offering three plans: Annual, Semi-Annual, and Monthly.

Annual pricing: $4,17/month

Semi-Annual: $6.66/month

Monthly: $9.95 monthly

QuillBot pricing and plans

Choose the plans based on your needs. This is the best tool in my view because I’m also using this tool in my daily life.

13. is a chatbot like chatGPT. It will interact like a person to us and it will create a summary, blog outline, and more.

I’m using Claude now because it gives a simple explanation, which is more understandable than ChatGPT. (My opinion)

But, I’m not saying ChatGPT is the worst, the explanation is more understandable than

I use it to draft a blog outline, generate a script for my YouTube channel, draft content ideas for my LinkedIn, etc.

Here is an example,

I copy-paste one of my blog links and ask to generate an interactive, simple, and understandable script according to the blog.

BOOM, It starts to generate and complete within a second.

I copy-paste one of my blog link and ask to generate a interactive, simple, and understandable script according to the blog. BOOM, It starts to generate and complete within a second.

See, AI tools have just started to improve, like

In the below image, I mentioned the Claude Pro pricing.

Claude Pro is $20/month + Tax.

Claude Pro is $20/month + Tax.

This is all about Claude. Use these tools to improve your productivity every day.


In this blog, I highlight a selection of powerful AI tools for digital marketing in 2024. By sharing personal experiences and tool features.

I showcase how these AI solutions can optimize content, enhance SEO, generate creative assets, and improve overall marketing strategies.

Integrating these tools can empower marketers to stay ahead in a dynamic digital landscape.

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