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Every Techie Should Have a Tech Blog

No one hates Mondays more than a techie. ‘An expert in the field of technology’, techies are the backbone of the…

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honest kwfinder review

Keyword research is the first thing in my blogging checklist. The reason is I want my content to be ranked for the…

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Types Of WordPress Hosting For Beginners

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for hosting websites, especially blogs, since the website owner…

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blog on self hosted wordpress platform

I normally ask my friends to start a blog and write about things they are passionate about. Then they come up with the…

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When it comes to content, a video is in a class of its own. Nothing else comes close to being able to command the…

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list of best cloud computing blogs

Following are the list of blogs and websites to keep yourself updated about the happenings of cloud computing in IT…

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install and setup wordpress on amazon ec2

[alert-announce]Note: This is a normal WordPress setup for testing. Please use our latest tutorial on WordPress…

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website traffic generation

Blogging requires so much hard work it’s not funny. For others who don’t understand the nuances of blogging, it…

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Dropplets is a blogging platform very suitable for personal blogging. Setting up dropplets is very easy unlike…

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