WordPress Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals for 2024

Wordpress Black Friday Deals

Looking for WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on WordPress-related products? We have collected all the exclusive deals for 2024.

I have covered hosting, popular plugins, software, WordPress tools, etc.

I have been a WordPress user for more than ten years now. I started with all the free tools except for the WordPress hosting. Once I started taking blogging seriously, I started purchasing useful plugins, themes, software, etc that help save time and improve the quality of my blogs.

So how do I get these tools at a minimum cost?

It’s during Black Friday. All the premium plugins, WordPress hosting, and associated tools will be on huge discounts during black Friday. I do all my renewals and purchases during black Friday.

I have listed the best WordPress deals in separate categories.

WordPress Web Hosting Black Friday Deals

We have organized all the deals based on the following

  1. In Progress: This means the deals are currently live.
  2. Confirmed: This means deals have been officially announced and will be available.
  3. Not Active: This means that the deals are not live announced or ended.

1. Bluehost (75% OFF)

image 17

Bluehost is a well-known hosting company. It helps you with 24/7 customer support and user-friendly hosting. (WordPress.org)

Why is this useful? Bluehost offers different types of hosting like, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. And with one click, you can install it.

Not only that, Bluehost is used by 2 million websites. In my opinion, it offers an affordable hosting plan.

Deal Status Active

Black Friday Offer 75% OFF

Valid Till November 30th

image 16

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting providers for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. It offers a friendly interface and affordable plans.

Each Hostinger plan includes a free SSL certificate, business emails, and user-friendly WordPress tools.

Hostinger provides several features, such as hosting services, data centers, affordable pricing, a user-friendly control panel, a website builder, customer support, and domain registration.

I can assure you that these features are what make Hostinger the best web hosting provider.

Deal status – Active

Black Friday Offer Up to 8% OFF

Valid Till December 4th

3. Hostgator

image 15

Hostgator is one of the leading web hosting services. It provides various hosting services like shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and the last one is dedicated server hosting.

Not only does it offer these features, but it also provides domain name registration, and you can also create a website.

Customer support will be available 24/7 via live chat, phone calls, or through email.

And, it provides hosting services for individuals, small businesses, and also for big enterprises

Deal status – Confirmed

Black Friday Offers – 70% OFF on shared plans and free domains.

Valid Till – November 25th to December 1st. 

4. Cloudways

image 14

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider. It’s an 11-year-old hosting provider with many users. It provides over 200 countries and got a 4.7 rating for this hosting.

Cloudways offers managed hosting, 24/7 support, application hosting, and system status. And it offers a free trial for 3 days.

Deal status – Confirmed

Black Friday Offer 40% OFF

Valid Till November 30th

5. Siteground

image 13

Siteground is also a web hosting provider with 2M+ users all over the world. The server of this siteground is located on different continents.

So, it’s easy to host a website by using Siteground. Their customer support will be available 24/7 and based on the survey 98% of customers are satisfied with their customer support.

In Siteground, there is a common feature for every plan, they are daily backups, free SSL certificate, email accounts, free CDN, managed WordPress, security features, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Deal status – Not active

WordPress Plugins Black Friday Deals

Following are the best WordPress plugin deals for this black Friday.

1. WP Rocket

image 18

WP Rocket is the best plugin and the premium-catching plugin for WordPress. This plugin will help to improve the speed of your b website.

Deal status – Confirmed

Black Friday Offer – 30% OFF

Valid Till – November 21st to November 30th

2. WP Staging

image 19

WP Staging is the backup plugin for WordPress. This staging tool will help you to back up and create a clone of your website within a second into a subdomain or subfolder of your WordPress account.

Deal status – Confirmed

Black Friday offer – 30% OFF

Valid Till – November 24th to December 1st

WordPress Theme Builder Black Friday Deals

1. Elementor

image 20

Elementor is a WordPress website builder that enables you to create a website without the need for coding, allowing you to design it according to your specific requirements.

And, you can install it in 1-click or multiple backup options. There are 14M+ websites built with Elementor.

Deal status – Confirmed

Black Friday Offer – 30% OFF

Valid Till – November 22nd to November 30th

2. Kadence WP

image 21

Kadence WP stands out as the best option for theme creation and website design. With Kadence WP, there are no limits to your creativity when designing a website. Moreover, it provides a wide range of free features.

This platform offers professional design and modern design so that your website stays up-to-date with the latest trends.

Deal status – Confirmed

Black Friday Offer – 40% OFF

Valid Till – November 30th

SEO Tools Black Friday Deals

1. Semrush

image 22

Semrush is the best SEO tool to do keyword research. Many SEO professionals and digital marketers are using this tool. This tool will give you the up-to-date keyword based on your search term.

A few features of Semrush are On-page SEO (Search engine optimization), Backlinks analysis, PPC (Pay-per-click), Keyword research, Competitive keyword gap analysis, Showing keyword search volume

Deal Status – Confirmed

Black Friday Offer 30% OFF on their Pro and Guru annual plan

Valid Till – November 15th to December 1st

2. RankAtom

image 24

RankAtom is one of the affordable keyword research tools and it’s a SaaS product. This tool gives you daily keywords based on your search query.

Major features of the RankAtom tool are Keyword research, rank tracker, BERt analysis, and competitor analysis.

Deal status – Not active

Email Marketing Tool Deals

1. Convertkit

image 23

Convertkit is an email marketing automation and managing tool for marketers. It helps to sell their products digitally. More than 618,972 creators send over 2.5 billion emails each month.

A few features offered by Convertkit are Subscriber management, form building, customizable sign-up forms and landing pages, and email templates

Deal status – Confirmed

Black Friday Offer – Save $1100

Valid Till – November 20th to December 2nd

Regular Price – $1400/year

Black Friday Price – $289/year

E-Learning Tool Deals

1. Learndash

image 25

Learndash is a learning tool, it is a plugin in WordPress. You can manage your online courses on your website.

This platform is utilized by companies and universities to develop online courses and helps to sell the courses.

A few features offered by Learndash are Course Builder, Quiz and assignments, Reporting and Analytics, and Content Protection.

Deal status – Not active

image 26

2. Buddyboss

Buddyboss is a WordPress plugin to create a social network for your website.

Some of the features of Buddyboss are social groups, social profiles, and mobile friendly, also you can customize the design.

Deal status – Not active

3. Teachable

image 27

Teachable is a cloud-based online platform to create courses and sell them online. you can post videos, images, pdf, quizzes, assignments, and more you can do with Teachable.

In 2020, there are one lakh instructors joined Teachable and sold the courses through it. It is famous among creators and entrepreneurs.

Deal status – Not active

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