Teachable Coupon: Best Online Course Hosting?

Teachable Review and Coupon code

Are you looking for a Teachable coupon to host your online course but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about Teachable, one of the top platforms for hosting online courses. We have also added ways for you to save money on teachable subscriptions.

But that’s not all! We’ve got a special treat for you—a Teachable coupon to get you started on your journey at a discounted rate.

So, read on to find out why Teachable could be the best choice for you and how you can save some money while you’re at it.

Teachable Coupon

Teachable may offer discounts during specific times of the year such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

The following are the current best deals available at Teachable to save money.

[33% OFF] Teachable Annual Discount

When you opt for annual plans, you could save up to $249 per month. This 33% discount is applicable for all the plans offered by Teachable

Note: This discount is applicable only for annual plans

Teachable Annual Discount coupon

100% Free Plan

Teachable offers a free plan where you can get started with the platform without paying any money. You can start selling courses with a free account.

Note: With a free account, you need to pay $1 + 10% transaction fee for every course sale.

Teachable Review

Making money online is a dream that most people see these days.

Be it through writing, blogging, or any other freelancing work, making money online is possible and it is not just an impractical dream.

With the development of Internet facilities, online courses have gained tremendous importance among students across the globe.

Still making money by hosting online courses is a challenge unless you choose the right platform to host your course.

That is what we will be talking about throughout our Teachable review. Yes, you are going to get all the necessary information that you need to know related to this online hosting course.

The premise of Teachable is “Everything is Teachable” and they ensure that you will be able to provide a world-class learning experience through their platform. They have the best pricing structure; more than 4 million students and 20,000 online courses.

Teachable has over 100,000 active instructors as of 2023.

Above all, they provide the instructors with a chance to earn millions in a year. Thus, is it wrong to call it the best portal to host and sell your online courses?

Is there any requirement for any Teachable review? Perhaps not! Yet there are several things left to say which will justify the claim that they are indeed the best.

So, why wait any further? Let’s get on with our Teachable review.

Why Use Teachable?

Well, it is a vital question that will pop up in the mind of every reader while reading this Teachable review. But to understand the answer, you will first need to have a look at the features of this amazing platform.

It Is Straightforward To Set up Your Online Course

The most important part of selling an online course is to design its appearance perfectly.

The look of a thing always creates the first impression of a person, so if your course is highly presentable then it will garner attraction from the students.

But the best part of designing your online course in Teachable is that they have a highly efficient drag-and-drop interface.

All you need to do is drag and drop images or files to design your course without any hassle.

Another good thing about Teachable is, that it has mobile apps for end users. According to eLearning Industry, 67% of people now use mobile devices to access learning. So it is a great add-on for instructors.

Allows You To Upload All Sorts Of Files

This is unique to Teachable. In most of the other portals, it is not possible to upload all sorts of files other than PDFs and videos to teach your students.

But that is not a problem in the case of Teachable. It allows you to upload files directly to its online database.

Furthermore, Teachable also allows you to pull your documents from cloud sources like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Extraordinary Marketing Features

If you are selling anything online be it an online course, marketing is a very important aspect of the process.

And Teachable provides you with incredible marketing features that you can dream of. It is really unheard of platforms to provide marketing features for online courses but Teachable is way ahead of others.

It provides you with email marketing, affiliate marketing, discount coupons, promotions, and several other things to market your online course.

Incredible Integrations

Well, we have already mentioned the marketing features in our Teachable review.

But do you know that it offers some other exciting integrations too?

Yes, Teachable allows you to integrate your course with tools like MailChimp, Google Analytics, and much more so that you can promote your course in whatever way you want.

Customer Support

Teachable always prioritizes their customers; thus their packages always come with extraordinary customer support.

Firstly, they have an enlightening knowledge base on their website which is capable of providing you with the solution to all your problems.

Plus, there are Live Chat Support and Ticketing Systems that you will be able to use to solve all your problems.

Thus, if you face any trouble you will always get the solution you require from Teachable and that is something that we can guarantee in our Teachable review.

Teachable Pricing & Plans

The best part about Teachable that we are going to include in our Teachable review is its pricing structure.

You do not need to pay anything separately for hosting your course since everything is included in the packages.

There are four packages available in Teachable and each of them has its fair share of exciting features.

Most importantly, the packages are affordable and they have been designed in such a way that they become budget-friendly for all instructors.

Teachable princing and plans

If you want to dig deeper, then check out the below table, I have mentioned the plans and listed the features that will be included under each plan.

Free Basic Pro Pro+ Business
$1 + 10% transaction fee5% transaction fee0% transaction fee0% transaction feeUnlimited courses, coaching products, and digital downloads
1 published product of
each type (course, coaching, downloads)
5 published products of
each type (course, coaching,
50 published products of
each type (course, coaching, downloads)
200 courses20 admin & author seats
No-code course builder
and web pages
1 membership tierUnlimited membership tiers200 coaching productsAdvanced theme customizations
Student referralsIntegrated email marketingAffiliate marketing200 digital downloadsCustom user roles
pay with integrated
payment processing
Coupons and order bumpsLive chat support200 product bundlesBulk student enrollment
1 admin Custom domainsUpsells to increase order valueCustom user roles
1 author seatLive group coachingPublic API access
Accelerator challenge accessRemovable branding
5 admin & author seats
Plus Free featurePlus basic featurePlus pro featurePlus pro+ feature

Teachable Feature Comparison

The next one is feature comparison.

In the table below, I compare a few features of Teachable.

Advanced theme
Custom domains
Public API access


After going through our Teachable review; we hope that you do not have any doubt about Teachable being the best platform for hosting online courses.

Visit their site and have a look at the platform. Set up your course and make money online in the way we showed you in this Teachable review.

Also, ensure you use available Teachable discounts to save money on all the subscription plans. We will keep updating this guide every month for the latest techable features, coupons, and experiences.

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