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List Of Top Cloud Computing Certification

Cloud computing has become an integral part for the small and medium businesses. It will be difficult to find the right candidate with right skills in todays IT market.

IDC predictions say that 80% of the new software’s will be available as cloud services. For IT professionals it is better to get educated in this technology. Many companies are investing billions in cloud computing, because of its potential benefits.

Many companies have launched their own certified courses for cloud computing.

Amazon AWS certification: Amazon web services is the top player in the public cloud domain. AWS has three associate level certifications.

  1. Solution Architect
  2. SysOps Administrator
  3. Developer
Windows Azure Certifications:
  1. Office 365 administrator
  2. Cloud developer
  3. Data steward
  4. Data center operations manager
More info: Windows Azure Certifications

Other Certifications:
Certificate of cloud security knowledge:
Cloud U certification:
( )
IBM certified Solution advisor-Cloud computing architecture V2
IBM certified solution advisor-Cloud computing architecture V1
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Google apps certified deployment specialist
Certified developer
( ) Certified administrator
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VMware Certified professional
Comtia cloud Essentials 
Certified cloud professional
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 3Tera Cloud computing certification
CISCO cloud computing certification

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