4 Easy Steps To Configure iCloud Keychain On The Latest iOS 8

The superlative performance of the recently released iOS 8 has made Apple stand ahead of its competitors. Indubitably, Apple is considered as the forerunner of the touchscreen industry, but we can’t neglect the fact that competitors like Android also is consistently making strives to stick at the top of the charts. The two giant companies, Google and Apple are in fierce competition since the evolution of Google Android as a mobile OS.

Apple is delivering a consistent performance with its each iOS iteration, and the latest iOS 8 has been incorporated with incredible functionalities and its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 has come up with improved designs to compete with its competitors.

Security has been the prime concern for almost every iOS user, the data theft is not an only issue that threats the users but poor password security has often charged users with hundreds of dollars. Don’t fret, I’m talking about those situations where some users (especially kids) mistakenly make the in-app purchases and so wasted their (or parent’s) valuable money unnecessarily. If the platform would have provided a reliable and strong credit card details and password’s security, such transactions might have avoided.

iCloud Keychain: A Foreword

Fortunately, with the iOS 7.0.3, Apple has unveiled an essential security feature known as iCloud Keychain, which is responsible for maintaining the track of the usernames and passwords for all your accounts. Thus, with this users are not required to remember dozens of passwords, which is actually a tough job.

What it does is – it stores your credit card details, Wi-Fi networks, usernames and passwords and allows a convenient login to your accounts as and when desired. All these crucial info can also be synced across third party apps (that support the iCloud Keychain feature) and Safari. To ensure the utmost security to your critical data and to prevent unauthorized access, it stores the information in an encrypted format (by implementing the 256 bit AES encryption) that is hard to decrypt. Moreover, it comes complete with a robust password generator that helps create unique and highly secure passwords.

How To Configure iCloud Keychain On The Latest iOS

Hence, to ensure greater data security, it is recommended to reap the benefits of this blissful feature. What you need to do is just configure the iCloud Keychain on your iOS 8 device and this can be accomplished conveniently by following the below mentioned 4 steps. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Create an Apple ID:

You are required to create an Apple or if you have an existing one, then simply login and access your iCloud. After doing simply move to the next step.

2. Turn On the “Keychain” button:

Navigate to your Settings and make the appropriate tweaks as mentioned below.
Under the Settings tab, select access the iCloud option and there you can notice a list of options including Safari, Passbook, Keychain and more.
To turn it on, just swipe the Keychain button to the right. After this, it will display as On.

3. Use Your Existing Passcode As The Security Code For iCloud:

After completing the Step 2, it will prompt up a box that will ask you to choose an option whether you want to continue with the existing iCloud passcode or you want to create a different passcode. Here, simply tap on the option “Use Passcode”.

4. For iCloud Verification:

Thereafter, it will ask you to fill in your details that will be further used for verifying your account. You will get two fields there –
Country Field: Select your country.
Number Field: Simply, add your phone number or someone else number but ensure that the owner of that number is completely reliable and trustworthy.

This phone number will be used for the verification process, and by making the successful attempt, it will approve your iCloud.

With the above mentioned four steps, your iCloud Keychian configuration is successfully completed. If now, you make an attempt to login your iCloud from an unauthorized device, Apple will immediately send a message on the phone number submitted in the 4th step while configuring iCloud Keychain. By making the appropriate tweaks, you can authorize it on another reliable iOS 8 device as well. Now, you can easily access all your accounts via your iOS 8 devices that possess active iCloud Keychain.

About Author: Emily Heming is an iPhone app developer for a Mobile app development company, Xicom Ltd. which offers the reliable mobile development services from where you can also hire iPhone app developer with her best assistance.

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