cloud computing in education- An E-learning system

Web based learning has become very popular in recent years. Wouldn’t it be great if a student gets resources and information just in one click. In the current scenario less than 50% of students are not aware of whats going on in their respective department. Let it be a function or a workshop, most of the students get information through college notice boards , through class representatives, facebook or any other social media. For resource sharing students use various kind of cloud applications. Rather than using various cloud applications wouldn’t it be great if the university provides a dedicated system for resource sharing and information gathering.

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Cloud based E-learning:

In this approach students will be provided an user name and password for logging in to the universities cloud based web application. Student account will be set up with privilege’s to upload pdf files, documents based of different categories they belong. These resources will be pooled so that every student belong to that particular category will have access to that files. Each department should contain their own discussion forums, so that students and teachers can participate in technical discussions.

Integrating cloud based e-book library:

Integrating college digital library with this application helps students for lending e-books online. So that they can read the e-book through any device from any geographical location. The maximum use of library resources enables academics to improve their teaching, research and students to learn more and achieve better results in their work.


Advantages of cloud based sharing in universities:

  • In a matter of seconds real time information can be acquired from anywhere in the world. This keeps the tutors and learners constantly update their stock of information.
  • Next big advantage is openness. Students are exposed to openness through cloud inter-connectivity.
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