List of Top Cloud Providers In India

Top Cloud Providers In India

Cloud computing is not a buzzword anymore. Small and medium businesses started adopting cloud-based technologies due to the flexibility offered by cloud platforms.

I started my cloud computing journey in 2011 with AWS. Since then I have worked on several cloud platforms managing applications for big organizations. From automation to deploying high-scale applications.

In India, there are lots of providers that offer cloud hosting with data centers in India. As per Gartner Public Cloud, End-User Spending to Grow 18% in 2021

In this blog, I will cover a list of top cloud providers in India that many startups and organizations have used for their cloud hosting needs. From hosting a single WordPress blog to hosting 1000’s servers, these providers will fit your needs.

Cloud Platforms for StartUps, Enterprises & Small Businesses

If you are an enterprise, small to medium business, or a startup based out of India with an Indian customer base, you can go to the top cloud players in the market who has Data Center regions in India. 

The best part is, they offer startup credits & discounts on their cloud platform apart from the free tier programs they offer. You can connect with the respective sales team to know if you are eligible for the startup cloud credits.

Following are the top public cloud providers with data centers in India

Amazon Web Services

When it comes to the public cloud, AWS tops in market share. It offers a plethora of services ranging from basic storage, Virtual private servers to ML, AI, and IoT solutions. You can get started with AWS using their free tier program.

Average AWS server costs start from $10/month.

Google Cloud

Google cloud was little to market as compared to AWS & Azure. However, Google cloud adoption has grown in recent years, and several enterprises use google cloud to host their workloads.

Average Google Cloud server costs start from $10/month

Microsoft Azure

Azure started with the focus of supporting its enterprise customers with cloud capabilities. It started off with more support towards windows based systems but later more Linux/opensource-based offerings made it attractive for a wide range of enterprise customers.

Average Azure Cloud server costs start from $10/month

Digital Ocean

Digital ocean is a great cloud service for startups that require limited managed services. You can get started quickly with Digital ocean, with its vast documentation covering many open-source implementations. You can use many prebaked server images to host your applications—for example, WordPress, MySQL, Drupal, PHP, Python, etc.

Keys Offering from Digital Ocean are

  1. Cloud VMs [Only Linux]
  2. Managed Databases
  3. Managed Kubernetes Clusters
  4. Server Storage, Load Balancers, Floating IPs, Object Storage

Digital Ocean Server costs start from $5


Linode is a cloud hosting company that offers virtual servers with data centers in the India Mumbai region. Linode offers similar solutions to Digitalocean.

Following are the key offerings from Linode.

  1. Cloud VMs (Only Linux)
  2. Loadbalancers
  3. Deployment automation with StackScripts
  4. Managed Kubernetes clusters
  5. S3 Compatible Object storage
  6. DNS management

You can check the Linode uptime status here

*$100 Free credits for 60 Days

Which Cloud Provider Should I use?

Choosing a cloud provider totally depends on your needs.

  1. If you have a big application set up and you are looking for end-to-end managed solutions with less administrative overhead, you can choose AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. These services offer a higher level of availability than any other cloud service.
  2. If you very few servers to host or looking for all minimal setup, you can opt for Digital Ocean or Linode. The server setup is fairly simple and server management is easy with high availability, security and good storage options.

Other Private Cloud Enterprise Offerings

Following are the other enterprise-level cloud providers available in India who offer data centers in India

IBM Bengaluru, India: 

IBM services provide a handful of services based on IaaS ,PaaS and SaaS. IBM’s smart cloud helps developers and software vendors in India to excel in cloud computing. The smart cloud provides a secure and reliable platform as a service and infrastructure service.

IBM offerings:

  1. IBM smart cloud entry 
  2. IBM smart cloud enterprise
  3. IBM smart business desktop
  4. Smart cloud-managed backups
  5. Lotus live portfolio 
  6. Cloud service provider framework

Major open-source based offerings:

  1. Smart cloud enterprise supports SUSE and RHEL flavors of Linux. 
  2. Open source hypervisor KVM.

Cisco Systems

Cisco has become one of the leading cloud providers in India. It has a comprehensive portfolio of technologies that can be applied by enterprises and service providers to build a cloud. It offers storage access, virtualization, orchestration, and self-service capabilities.

Cloud Services:

  1. Collaboration cloud video Delivery
  2. IaaS
  3. VXI
  4. Security as a service and more.


VMware offers everything an IT needs to build, operate, staff, and manage the cloud.


  1. Business Critical Application Services
  2. Data Center Virtualization Services
  3. Desktop Virtualization Services
  4. Virtualization Management Services


 It offers IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS through its online portal. Open Source Offerings:

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Linux
  3. Sify Mail, Sify forum (open source)


It offers both public and private cloud services. 6. ESDS Software Solution: eNLight cloud platform offers,

  1. IaaS
  2. Disaster recovery 
  3. Desktop-as-a-service 
  4. ERP hosting


It would be best if you decided on a cloud provider based on your requirements and the level of support needed.

Running an application is more than creating a virtual server and deploying the application. You need to set up automated backups, monitoring & alerting, monthly server patching, etc.

If you need any information on cloud hosting, please drop a comment below, and I will answer your queries.

  1. Hello Wilson,
    I am a senior Full Stack Java developer with above 7 years experience in IT industry .
    I have got oppertunity to work with AWS cloud platform in 2018 for developing and deploying map based solution in my project there I worked for 1 years long.
    With that knowledge I am very much interested to migrate to full time cloud developer.
    So please give me your best suggestions
    how to prepare to get job in cloud computing company with best skills.
    I don’t have any certification on AWS cloud .
    But I have knowledge on AWS Lambda , API Gateway , S3 and EC2, ECS etc.

      1. hello sir i am fresher in this field i have no IT experience . But i am intrested in making carrier in cloud . what i have to do

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