top cloud providers in India

List of Top Cloud Providers In India

Cloud computing is not a buzz word anymore. A lot of organizations started adopting this cloud technology.  IT costs are very much reduced using cloud services

Virtualization plays a vital role in cost reduction. Apart from the criticisms cloud computing is being widely adopted in various fields of engineering. Even in scientific computations, cloud computing technology can be used for better utilization of resources and fast execution.

In India, lots of startups based on cloud computing are evolving. So picking up the right cloud provider is not a cakewalk. You have to go through various specifications and pricing. Here is the list of top cloud providers in India.

For StartUps & Small Businesses

If you are small to medium business or a startup based out of India with India customer base, you can go the top cloud players in the market who has Data Center regions in India. The best part is, they offer startup credits & discounts on their cloud platform. You can connect with the respective sales team to know if you are eligible for the startup cloud credits.

Following are the top cloud providers with data centers in India

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Google Cloud
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. Digital Ocean

Enterprise Offerings

1. IBM Bengaluru, India: 

IBM services provide a handful of services based on IaaS ,PaaS and SaaS. IBM’s smart cloud helps developers and software vendors in India to excel in cloud computing. The smart cloud provides a secure and reliable platform as a service and infrastructure services.

IBM offerings:

  • IBM smart cloud entry 
  • IBM smart cloud enterprise
  • IBM smart business desktop
  • Smart cloud managed backups
  • Lotus live portfolio 
  • Cloud service provider framework

Major open-source based offerings:

  1. Smart cloud enterprise supports SUSE and RHEL flavors of Linux. 
  2. Open source hypervisor KVM.

2. Cisco Systems:

Cisco has become one of the leading cloud providers in India. It has a comprehensive portfolio of technologies that can be applied by enterprises and service providers to build a cloud. It offers storage access, Virtualization, orchestration and self-service capabilities.

Cloud Services:

  1. Collaboration cloud video Delivery
  2. IaaS
  3. VXI
  4. Security as a service and more.

Open Source Offerings:

  1.  OpenStack

3. VMware: 

VMware offers everything an IT needs to build, operate, staff and manage the cloud.


  1. Business Critical Application Services
  2. Data Center Virtualization Services
  3. Desktop Virtualization Services
  4. Virtualization Management Services

Open Source Offerings:

  1. Linux

4. Sify:

 It offers, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS through its online portal.Open Source Offerings:

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Linux
  3. Sify Mail, Sify forum (open source)

5. CtrlS: 

It offers both public and private cloud services. 6. ESDS Software Solution: eNLight cloud platform offers,

  1. IaaS
  2. Disaster recovery 
  3. Desktop-as-a-service 
  4. ERP hosting.

6. Orangescape:

It is one of the leading PaaS providers based in Chennai. 


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