list of best cloud computing blogs

List Of Top Ten Cloud Computing Websites And Blogs

Following are the list of blogs and websites to keep yourself updated about the happenings of cloud computing in IT industry.

1. Cloudtweaks

This site updates cloud computing news, cloud jobs, startups, storage and much more. It is really a useful site for people who really wants to be updated with cloud computing technologies and its happenings in the industry.

2. Searchcloudcomputing

This site provides a complete set of ideas about cloud computing and definitions of each and every term associated with cloud technology. It also provides few tutorials about cloud computing.

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The cloud section in read write web provides exclusive news about cloud computing. The articles published on this site provides an in-depth knowledge about current trends in cloud computing.

4. Techcrunch Enterprise

This website provides enterprise level cloud news, Sartup news and other cloud products.

5. Zdnet cloud blog

This site provides full Software as a Service (SaaS) news. Phil Wainewright writes his insights about SaaS in this website.

6. Infoworld Cloud

This site provides SaaS and cloud news. Covers SaaS in-depth. Must read blog if you are interested in cloud SaaS services.

7. Dzone Cloud

Provides news, tutorials on cloud computing, grids and other services( SaaS, PaaS and IaaS)

8. Cloudave

Here you can read about cloud business-related trends, cloud computing tricks, and tips. It also provides reviews about various new cloud applications.

9. CloudComputing journal:

This site provides a detailed information about open source cloud computing platforms. Various topics about cloud computing are discussed in this site based on deep analysis by industrial experts. It also provides news about virtualization trends.

10. AWS, AZURE, GCP Blogs

Following are the Blogs related to respective top cloud computing players in the industry.

  1. AWS Blog
  2. Google Cloud Blog
  3. Azure Blog

Let me know if you have come across interesting resources on cloud computing.


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