Top Cloud Computing Video Tutorials For Beginners

There is a  plethora of cloud computing videos available all over the internet. However , only few videos can explain complex cloud computing concepts  in an efficient way.  Sometimes we spend hours in reading to understand a concept, which an effective video presentation can teach us in five minutes. With all the images and animations in the videos, getting an functional overview of a technology is really simple.

I have collected best  ten videos which will explain cloud computing concepts in an efficient way.

1. How cloud computing works: In this video Mihai explains cloud computing using a story. He explains in such a way that even a layman can understand  the cloud computing concepts.

2. Cloud Computing in Plain English: This video provides valuable information about evolution of cloud computing. It explains how trends like utility computing, virtualization and software as a service converged in to cloud computing.

3. What is cloud computing? : This video by explains enterprise cloud computing and how you can leverage cloud computing technology to run your business.

4. Cloud computing Explained: This video by microsoft learning explains the cloud computing concepts and its types. It also explains how IaaS, PaaS and SaaS can be leveraged for particular use cases. windos Azure patform is used as an example for cloud computing platform.

5. Business Benifits of cloud computing: This video uses metered electricity with cloud computing  by showing  how it has evolved from inhouse production to a metered service. 

6. Cloud Computing explained by stephen fry:  An awesome illustrated explanation by stphen fry , narrating how utility computing have evolved to cloud computing.

7.  SaaS, Paas and Iaas Explained: A clear explanation of three categories of cloud computing with appropriate examples. This video also explains the limitations of each services.

8. Cloud computing tutorial by Eli the Computer Guy: This is must watch video if you want to get a broad perspective of cloud computing. The video is more than an hour and in the end of the video you will have a good understanding of cloud computing technology

9. Virtialization and Hypervisors: Once you understand the cloud computing concepts, it is important  to know virtualization and hypervisor concepts. Virtualization acts as the backbone of cloud computing technology. All the cloud computing providers use virtualization techniques to provide IaaS , SaaS and PaaS serivces.

10. Virtualization Explained: A good explanation on virtualization. It explains how virtualization reduces power , cooling and provides a cost effective solution for It infrastructure.

If you want to know more about cloud computing, i would suggest you to sign up for an Amazon Web service account. All you need is a credit card. AWS provides a free tier scheme, in which you can use Virtual servers, databases, queuing systems etc,, etc,, for one year without spending a penny. Aws dashboard looks like the image below. Within few clicks and minutes you can launch virtual servers, databses etc,, using the dashboard.


Here is a quick video which shows how to launch a Ubuntu server on AWS cloud.

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