Cloud Strategy by SAP

SAP cloud strategy
We know cloud computing is accelerating in a high rate than all of us imagined.Years back most of the companies  were doubtful about getting business software over the network, now known as cloud computing. But now with rapid data transmission and more powerful hardware and improved security, many organizations are deploying on-demand software.Most of the organizations are shifting their business process to cloud. SAP is no exception.

SAP has built an ERP suit known as SAP business by Design where all accounting and other process exist within the organization ans SAP takes care of the hosting.
The main advantage of  SAP business software is that it is cost effective and can be used by small business and mid size companies.
Benefits of SAP business By design:      
  1. It has on-device application for mobiles,tablet PC’s.
  2. openness of on-demand solutions.
  3. operation through smartphones and tablet PC’s by on-premise software integration.
SAP’s cloud strategy:   

SAP’s cloud strategy consists of    
  1. private
  2. public and
  3. hybrid cloud
SAP’s cloud strategy is divided in to three areas,they are
  1. Suite on-demand with SAP with SAP business by design
  2. line of business(lob) on demand solutions
  3. content ans collaboration on demand solutions.
Platform used for SAP’s business software:    
  1. ABAP core architecture
  2. EDGE-architecture based on Java
  3. SAP HANA database and shared platform services.
Security of cloud software:     

As we all know security is the prime issue concerning cloud computing.But SAP business software model meets all the current security standards with certifications.              

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