Salesforce: An Invincible Tool of Cloud Computing

inevitable salesforce
According to a study of Bloomberg Businessweek, Salesforce ranked No. 2 by beating competitors like Microsoft, SAP, and ORACLE in the software industry. The stock of Salesforce has jumped up to 170 percent since the past three years. The CEO of the organization has declared the expansion of cloud computing portfolio in the fields of online marketing, customer service and sales software.

Why competitors are finding difficulty in cloud integration?

Salesforce has defined a clear market of cloud computing and executed it properly. It has maintained its focus on defining the space within the particular market. Here, you do not require configuring your hardware and software, you can just use the preconfigured services over the internet. Salesforce has made its place in the fields of customer support, Salesforce automation and even marketing. The product lines are growing in an aggressive nature and are continuously beating the competitors. It has already spread in almost eight countries of the world and still growing extensively.

How Salesforce can play important role in future growth?

Salesforce has relationships with all SAP customers, irrespective of their sizes. The portfolio is comprised of different types of customers, some of them are big and some of them are small. Enterprise software companies can face trouble in analyzing their data without Salesforce platform. Previously, Salesforce used to deal with smaller companies, but now bigger companies are being maintained through this particular platform.

What are the opportunities of Salesforce in marketing software?

Some customers spend a huge amount on marketing, even twenty times more than what they are spending on Information Technology. Therefore, a lot of expenditure is orbiting technology through marketing. The strong product line in marketing can mostly be created through acquisition. This strategy can definitely help when you are promoting your marketing software into the next stage.

Successful Acquisitions:

Salesforce is acquiring marketing companies for boosting up their promotion process. It has acquired a company that places ads on Facebook. Buying Buddy Media has helped in managing the expenditure of Facebook ads.

Customer’s Requirements:

The Salesforce customers require marketing capabilities, sales and service support in an extensive manner. It has independent software vendors, who can build technology that can be visible in AppExchange. Huge numbers of cloud based apps are deeply integrated into the service so that the customers can aggressively use them.

As the digital world is becoming complex as well as large, cloud computing is playing a great role in processing large data using a group of commodity computers. According to S.Ghemawat and J. Dean, Google presently processes a raw web data of 20 terabytes. Cloud computing services also use different taxonomies and survey results for identifying differences and similarities in the architectural approaches. It also identifies areas where further research can easily be processed.

In past few years, the evolution of cloud computing can be considered as one of the major advancements in the computing industry. If cloud computing wants to perform to full potential, a clarification of various issues is required to be sorted out both from perspectives of service providers and consumers. Various researches are going on within the technology grounds, but business related issues are required to be sorted out which surrounds the cloud computing services.

You can easily identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the cloud computing industry. Different issues regarding the stakeholders can also be sorted out through cloud computing. Issues in Governmental agencies and with researchers can also be solved with cloud technology. In short, Salesforce is intimately involved in regulating the services of cloud computing in the right manner.

Author Bio: Jenny Richards is a well known blogger who is writing about Salesforce partial data sandbox. In this article, She talks about involvement of Salesforce in cloud computing.

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