8 Hottest Jobs in Cloud Computing Domain You Should Know

Hottest Jobs in Cloud Computing Domain

Looking for the hottest jobs in the cloud computing domain? In this blog, I have listed the best cloud computing jobs in the current market.

Today almost all enterprises use either the private or the public cloud as their primary network. As its use increases, its demand also increases which gives rise to the requirement for high manpower.

As per the latest Gartner report, Cloud End-User Spending to Reach Nearly $500 Billion in 2022, up from $410.9 billion in 2021.

What are the Hottest Jobs in Cloud Computing Domain?

There are huge job opportunities in the cloud. In this article I am describing some of the hottest cloud computing jobs:

1. Cloud DevOps Engineer

Cloud DevOps engineer deals with cloud infrastructure provisioning and automation. Also, He will be responsible for maintaining the CI/CD stack for applications hosted on the cloud platform. As a cloud DevOps Engineer, he should follow DevOps & DevSecOps principles while implementing solutions on the cloud platform.

2. Cloud software engineer

The cloud software engineer produces, designs, and develops software units for making them work for the cloud service providers. The Cloud Software engineer develops all the software modules and then integrates them. Continuous Integration and Delivery of the modules for release computerizes the course all the way from construction to consumption.

The Software engineer along with the entire IT team maintains Devops principles which include communication between the development team and the operations team for continuous delivery of the shared services. If you want to be a cloud software engineer then you should have an engineering degree or a bachelor’s degree in computer science with 2 plus years of working experience in programming with work experience in database transferring including processes involving ETL tools.

The programmer should also have programming skills like Linux or Unix OS with compilation technologies and codes. If the individual has got added work experience in ETA, SOA technologies, and deployment of cloud computing architecture, then it will always be an added advantage.

3. Cloud network engineer

The cloud network engineer has to take care of the entire support and tuning of the cloud software and hardware networking and cloud infrastructure connections. In order to get a job in this position, one has to have an engineering degree or a degree in computers and a network engineer’s working experience of a minimum of 4 years with knowledge of networking protocols like the TCP, IP, DNS, NAT, layer 2 protocols, routing, layer 3 protocols and knowledge in any of the languages like Perl, Python or Shell. If the candidate has got certifications in CCNA or CCNP, then he will be easily shortlisted.

4. Cloud product manager

The product manager in the cloud domain does the planning of all the products of the cloud-like developing the concept and planning of the product, creating product necessities and taking entire maintenance of the listing of prices, packing of the products, and listing the profits obtained after the sales operation. In order to get a job in this position, one may have a degree in computers or even in business and has got 3 years of experience in a software company dealing in the cloud. He should also have very good communication skills and should sound very convincing. If he has got a higher degree in either computers or business, then it will, of course, be an added advantage.

5. Cloud systems administrator

The Cloud systems administrator maintains and controls the entire cloud platform. It controls and cures all the problems that arise in the cloud and maintains the platform to avoid similar problems in the near future. To get a job in Cloud administration, one should have an engineering degree or a bachelor’s degree in computer science with 3 to 4 years of working experience as an OS administrator, the same number of working experience in enterprises in system support. If he knows cloud development and Linux, then it is an added advantage.

6. Cloud engineer

The job of the cloud engineer is to design and maintain all the technical jobs for the functioning and controlling of the internal architecture of the cloud. One should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science with 5 years of working experience as an engineer in virtually united architecture. If the person has got a VMWare Certification, then it will be an added advantage.

7. Cloud Architect

The Cloud Architect maintains the scalability, dependency, and protected system so that it gives great IT performance fulfilling all the monetary goals. In order to apply for a position as a cloud architect, the individual should carry a bachelor’s degree in computer science with at least 10 years of working experience in a big MNC and should carry up-to-date knowledge in Shell, VBScript, Python, Linux, Windows, etc. If one has got an experience in the public cloud, firewall with load balancing projects along with constructing PCI-complaint solutions, then it is always an added advantage.

8. Cloud Sales Professional

The responsibility of the cloud sales executive is to grow and improve the outsourcing of cloud business with the C-level and other customers with their own enterprises. In order to be a salesperson in the cloud, the candidate should have a degree in business administration with at least 5 years of experience in marketing roles, outsourcing products, client calls, great communication skills, and convincing skills and he should have the ability to develop customer cordial relationship with the C-level professionals along with large scale as well as medium level professionals and also should carry great knowledge about Cloud and its security services like AWS.


In this blog, we have seen the latest hot jobs in the cloud computing domain.

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