Yet Another Cloud For Business and Researchers- Google Compute Engine

Apart from Googles app engine , Google storage and Google big-query google has opened its way to the IaaS( Infrastructure as a Service) called Google Compute Engine. It started this service a couple of months back. It is goin to be a tough competitor for Amazon and other IaaS providers such as Microsoft and HP. so, which IaaS provider to choose? for this question now we have four good options Amzon AWS, Microsoft Azure, HP cloud and Google Compute Engine. But it is estimated that  Amazon Web Services holds more than 70% of the IaaS
market. But comparing these IaaS services is little bit of a tough task because it can be compared only with your needs , like storage , bandwidth, computation etc,,so direct comparision is not possible.Now lets see what Google Compute Engine holds.

Google Compute Engine

Like all othe IaaS providers Compute Engine serves the business and research with scalable data centers using virtual machines. Virtual machines are totally Linux based. In one of the googles developers blog it is mentioned that it contains 1 2 4 and 8 vitual cores with 3.75 GB ram per virtual core. About pricing it is goog overall but it is not sure if it increases the price like it did with App Engine.

A demo was conducted during the launch of Compute Engine. Google with Institute of systems biology conducted a demo by running an researn application related to genome on Compute Engine with 10000 cores. The application took 1 hr for execution as opposed to 15 hrs with the ISB’s own cluster. This shows the Compute Engine is viable for big MTC (many task computing) applications.
For high end instance amazon web services holds the best fits and prices. Lets see how it is going to be in the coming months!!

Sources:Google Developers, Google Cloud
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