How To Develop And Host Your Website on Google App Engine for free Using Cloud-IDE

Hosting your site for free without much complexity can be done using Google App Engine. There are lot of sites which is hosted on google app engine.For example is hosted on google app engine. So inorder to develop and deploy your website on google app engine you need a app engine account and cloud-IDE account. You dont have to download the app engine sdk or python to do this. What you goint to do is, log in to cloud IDE , develop your website and deploy it in appengine in jus one click. Follow this simple tutorial and host your website on App Engine.
To start with , you need to have an app engine account and cloud-IDE account. You can create these two accounts using Tutorial to Create App Engine And Cloud-IDE Acoount or else you can create it directly from App Engine and Cloud_IDE
STEP1: Log in to cloud-IDE
Go to PaaS–>Google App Engine–>Login

Go to Project–>New–>Create Project–>Select Google App Engine Python Project
STEP 2: Develop your website

You can develop your site locally in ya computer or you can do it in Cloud-Ide. It has all the features for web development. If you develop your website locally then zip your folder containing the website files and upload it to your Cloud-IDE workspace
Go to File–>Upload Zipped folder–>browse–>select the folder from the computer–>upload
You can download my Exercise template from here
This template has html files, javascript, css ,python file ,yaml file.You can open every file and you can edit it.
Once you upload it it looks like the image below.
STEP 3:Create an app engine application

Go to PaaS–>Google App Engine–>Create Application–>Create
Once you click create you will be redirected to app engine account. Enter the application name and check availability. If available click create application. Now come back to  Cloud-IDE and click deploy.Thats it! your application will be succesfully deployed in app engine. If you want to make changes to your website in future then open your application in cloud-IDE and go to PaaS–>Update application.
You can access your website through the application id. For example here is my trial websites id You can use custom domain name for your website through Google Apps.
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