What Big Data Really Mean?? An overview

Cops apprehended a guy who will kill a women on 14th apiral 2032” , this news sounds weird right?? It means the person gets arrested before he commits a crime. Is it likely to happen in the near future? My answer would be yes!  You might have watched the movie minority report. In that movie the murderers get arrested before they commit the crime.. Hows that possible?. Does it make any sense? Yes it does. Here is where big data comes in to play. Harnessing information from a huge volume of data to find a specific pattern or useful information which is likely to happen in future is termed as big data. It uses the concept of data mining. Here we are not talking about giga bytes of data but peta bytes of data.
                    So what exactly is big data? There are various definition available over the internet. Here is one ” Big Data ia a collection of complex data sets that makes the data processing highly impossible by normal data management tools.Here we are talking about Peta bytes of data. For instance , take Google. It processes more than 20 Peta bytes of data per day. These kinda of Peta bytes of data is termed as Big Data. Big Data helps organization which has huge volumes of data. Big Data is not confined to a particular industry. Any financial , government, research etc etc… can make use of Big Data. Understanding the consumer behavior, market situation etc.. to attract customers would be the primary goal of organizations using Big Data. Big Data has both positive and negative effects.
                    What and all things comes under the positive side of Big Data? We pay our utility bills without knowing how much power each instrument consumes. If we know which instrument consumes more power we would be able to reduce our electricity bill. A researcher found a solution for this by creating an algorithm using a wireless sensor placed anywhere in the house , identifying which instrument consumes more power using the digital signature of the device. Collecting these kinda information from a city can reduce the power consumption of the whole city. Another useful area where Big Data can be helpful is medical science. Processing information about  patients across the world for a particular disease can help identifying patterns which will lead to find an easy cure for the disease. For government , processing historical data as a whole will pave the way for improvements in various sectors of government.
                   On the negative side , collecting information about customers will have their private data they don’t want to share. It leads to privacy concerns. Large companies will have have access to vast amount of data which the small companies wont. This makes large organizations take advantage of small companies by understanding consumer behavior using Big Data. This data helps them to reap huge income whilst small comapies who doesnt have access to such kinda data gets affected. Finding the right balance between the positve and negative side is necessary for the better adoption of Big Data.
Technologies To Process Big data:

Hadoop is a java  cloud computing platform by Apache foundation to process and store huge volume of data. It is the technology widely adopted for processing Big Data .It is based on Google map reduce concept. It is used by big organization like Facebook , Google, yahoo, IBM.
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