setting up joomla on aws

How To Install Joomla on Amazon EC2 Instance

Joomla is one of the popular open source content management system.There are few steps involved in installing Joomla on an EC2 Ubuntu instance. Follow the step by step process to install Joomla.

1. Launch Ubuntu Instance:

How to launch Ubuntu instance on Amazon EC2

2. Connect the Ubuntu Instance using putty:

How to connect Amazon instance using putty

3. Installing the LAMP stack:
Install the full LAMP stack using the following command.

4. Configuring database:

A database has to be created with a user ,granting all privileges to the user.You can do this in two ways. Either you can do it manually using putty or you can install PHPMyAdmin and you can configure the database there. I have explained both the steps below. You can go with any one of the method.

Configuring Database manually:

Configuring database through PHPMyAdmin:
Install PHPMyAdmin using the following code

Now copy the public DNS of your instance followed by PHPMyAdmin [] and

Login using username “root” and your Mysql password.

Go to–>privileges–>add new user and give the user name.password of your choice and select the database privileges as shown in the figure below.

5. Configuring apache server:
To configure apache for Joomla you need Joomla configuration folder in apache folder. It is done by the following command

Now set up Joomla site and restart the apache server using the following commands

6. Downloading and installing Joomla:

Download the Joomla3 setup file using the following code.

Make a folder named Joomla inside www folder

It is in Zip format. So you have to install zip to unzip the Joomla files. Use the following code to install zip

Now unzip the Joomla files to www

In order to allow Joomla to write to your file system during installation, you have to set permissions for Joomla using the following commands

Now copy the public DNS of your ubuntu instance followed by Joomla [] paste it into the browser and hit enter. Enter the necessary details and follow the steps in the installation process.Once you enter all the credentials you will be asked to remove the installation files. Click remove it button and set up your site using the Joomla dashboard.


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