Free Cloud Database services

There are few services which offers free database as a service. Cloud databases is same as normal database servers, the only difference is that the database server is managed by the cloud provider. You don’t have to do any database updates, the provider will take care of that. There are few services which offers databases for free. Those services are listed below.

  1. Amazon Web services offers SQL and NoSQL databases.
  2. cloudbees offer MySql databases with maximum 5 mb storage for free users. Cloud bees also offers MongoHQ which is a NoSql database which is highly scalable when compared to traditional database systems. 
  3. Xeround offers free MySQL databases with limited memory.

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Lets have a look at each free database providers.

Amazon Web Services:
Amazon web services offers a one year free tier, which includes Relational Database Services and NoSQL databse services.

Its relational database services is called RDS. RDS offers free micro DB instance with 20 GB space for one year. You can have MySQL, MSSQL, ORACLE and postgreSQL databases in the micro instance. When you create a datbase instance you will get a endpoint , which is used to connect to the database. You can create databses and tables as you would do with the normal databases. All you need is a SQL client to connect to the database. You can use SQL yog for Mysql and PGadmin for postgres and so on.

Amazon’s NoSQL database solution is called DynamoDB which is a highly scalable nosql solution. IT offers database with 100MB space for one year.

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Cloudbees MySql and MongoHQ: 

Cloudbees offer both Mysql and MongoHQ . MongoHQ is a NoSql Database. You can create a cloudbees account here. Cloudbees Login

Check this link to create and connect MySql database on Cloudbees.  How to setup MySql database on Cloudbees

Setting Up MongoDB on Cloudbees:

1.  Login to cloudbees account and click the services button on the top navigation menu and select add services option.

2. You will see a list of available free and paid services. Select mongoHQ service and subscribe it. Under free subscription you will get 16 mb MongoDB data storage.

3. Now click the services button at the top navigation menu. you will see a list of subscribed services. Select mongoHQ from the subscribed services and click manage.There you can create a mongoDB by selecting the create new option. Click view to view the collections and documents you created.


Xeround offers MySql database as a service.Its databases are hosted on amazon and various other IaaS providers. You can edit your Xeround MySql database online using phpmyadmin. It is really easy to manage when compared to other cloud database services.You can signup for a database and it will be in up and running in minutes.

1. Create an account in and login to the account.

2.  Create a new database by clicking the “create new” option at the top. You will be asked to enter the database name, username and password.


3. Once the database is created , you can see the details of the database in the homepage. A DNS hostname will be created, using which you can access your database on browser using phpmyadmin. You can also connect the database using  command line with the DNS hostname , database username and password.


4.  Click on the external dns hostname and it will take you to the phpmyadmin login page. Login using the database user name and password. Using phpmyadmin  you can configure your database and tables.

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