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One striking difference is that each cloud storage is supposed to have distinct personality , in addition to, perhaps , some differences in functionality, pricing , security and ease of access. So choosing the right cloud storage with good features and affordable cost is kind of a tough task. There are lots of cloud storage solution in the market now. They offer different functionalities and pricing. The popular cloud storage solutions are Dropbox, Google drive, Amazon S3, Box etc,. These cloud storages doesn’t come really cheap. offers affordable cloud storage when compared to other services.

As an end user, few things we look into when it comes to cloud storage are

  1. Reliability
  2. Affordability
  3. Ease of Access
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Reliability: When it comes to cloud storage, reliability is the main concern. Just cloud provides good security for your files uploaded to the cloud. They use 256 bit secured socket layer encryption to secure your files , Which is quite reliable. Moreover , they have 24 hrs monitoring service to secure all the data which are being transferred to justcloud
Pricing: Justcloud quite stands out first  when it comes to affordability. It is really affordable when compared to other cloud storage providers. Their pricing is quite attractive and it targets the home users who want an affordable cloud storage. It basically has three options, home, premium and unlimited. Justcloud offers several discounts for their users. Once it had 70% discount on every plan a user chooses. Now they have a 20% off on all subscriptions.Check out the pricing details below
1.Home(75GB):For one year plan it comes around $59.4.
2.Premium (250GB) : For one year it comes around $71.4, which is quite a good plan. Other cloud storages cost you $100 for 100GB. Premium plan is good for personal use and also for website owners who wants to host images and codes.

3. Unlimited: For one year it comes around $95.4. Here you can see the affordability when compared  other cloud storage services. Unlimited plan can be used for business purposes.
3. Ease of Access: Just cloud has apps for all the mobile phones. The user interface for mobile device is great, You can easily upload the files to justcloud. It’s fast and the seamless uploading is the next best thing to consider.You can share your files with all the devices which has been synched with justcloud. You can use n number of computers to back up your files. By default the automatic sync option will be activated, you can change it in the app settings. You back up your PC if you want. Just cloud has an option to backup your PC.
What more you want?? You can sign up for a free trial Here, JustCloud Free Trial
I hope this article will help you buy an affordable cloud storage. Leave a comment for any queries!!
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