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There is a high demand for cloud computing architects, developers and administrators. Amazon announced its certificate program for AWS , which will help organizations to choose the right people based on their needs. As of now AWS has only solution architect certification. Hopefully they will launch the Administrator and developer certifications very soon.

AWS Cloud Computing Training By Experienced Professional


1.Solutions Architect:
A  certified solution architect is capable of handling distributed applications and systems. He should posses good knowledge about the cloud infrastructure, networking ,cloud application architecture and cloud security.

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2.SysOps Administrator:
A certified SysOps administrator is capable of maintaining the operational health of an application running on Amazon cloud. He should possess good knowledge about the application deployment, how it is automated and how it is monitored and controlled.
A certified AWS developer will be able to build AWS based application and he will be responsible for operating the application running on the AWS cloud.

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AWS Training:

Aws also provides training on three cases
  1. AWS essentials
  2. Architecting on AWS
  3. Advanced Operations on AWS
EC2 Tutorials:

1. Setting up an Ubuntu server on EC2: This tutorial shows you step by step process to launch a Ubntu instance on Amazon EC2. Follow this link for the tutorial. How To Setup A Ubuntu Serven On amazon EC2


2.Installing Joomla On Amazon EC2: This tutorial teaches you how to install a drupal content management system on amazon EC2. Follow this link for the tutorial. How To install Joomla On Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Instance.


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