How To Setup AWS CLI on Linux/Windows

Using AWS command line tool (AWS cli) , you can manage most of the AWS resources.


In ubuntu AWS cli isstallation has to be done using python tool pip. pip is used for managing python packages.
1. Install pip using the following command.
sudo apt-get install -y python-pip

2. Issue the following command to install aws cli using pip

sudo pip install awscli

3. Create a .aws-config file in your $HOME path. eg /root/.aws-config
4. Copy the following credentials to the .aws-config file and enter you AWS access and secret key id in the required fields.

[default]aws_access_key_id = <You aws Access key id>
aws_secret_access_key = <Your AWS secret key id>

region = <aws region , eg:
ap-northeast-1,us-west-2 etc,,>

5 . Set AWS_CONFIG_FILE environment variable using the following command.

export AWS_CONFIG_FILE=$HOME/.aws-config
6. You can test the cli setup using the following command. It give you the region information in a json format.
aws ec2 describe-regions

7. You can also use aws configure command to set up the configuration file for aws credentials. 


1. Install pip using the following command
 sudo yum install -y python-pip

2. If your linux machine is on AWS, since pip is not in the localrepo , you have to install pip using the following commands

wget --no-check-certificate
tar -xvf pip*.tar.gz
cd pip*
python install

3. Install aws cli using the following command.

pip install awscli

4. Use the following command to set up the configuration file for AWS credentials.

aws configure

5. The above command will ask you to enter the access key , secret key, region and ouput format. Once you provide the details, the config file will be automatically created in /root/.aws/config. you cna test the cli setup using the following command. 

aws ec2 describe-regions


1. Download and install the aws cli msi package from here
2. Once installed, open the command promt and use the following command to configure aws cli with aws credentials.
aws configure

3. You will be promted to provide aws credentials, default region and output format. Once details are provided , it will configure awscli with your credentials.

4. Test AWS cli setup using the following command.

aws ec2 describe-regions

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