apache mesos on amazon ec2

How To Set Up Mesos Cluster on Amazon EC2

Mesos is a cluster manager for various applications like Hadoop, spark, docker etc..You can manage clusters for any application using Mesos. To know more about the architecture and design of Mesos visit Mesos websites.

It is used by many big organizations like twitter for managing their fleet of servers in cluster mode.

Set Up Mesos Cluster on Amazon EC2

This guide will help you to set up a Mesos cluster with one master and multiple slaves. In this, I am using t2.micro instances for setting up Mesos master and slaves.

SettingĀ Up Mesos Master

1. Update the server

2. Add the necessary repositories.

3. Install oracle java8 as java 8 is a dependency for marathon.

4. Install Mesos using the following command.

5. Open /etc/zookeeper/conf/myid and set any number between 1-255. I am setting the master id as 1.

6. Open /etc/mesos/zk and replace localhost with the masters IP address.

For example,

7. Restart the master service using the following command.

8. Start the marathon service using the following command.

9. Now you can access the marathon and Mesos UI on the following URLs.

Setting Up Slave

1. add the required repositories shown in step 1 of the master setup.

2. Install Mesos

3. Edit /etc/mesos/zk file and replace localhost with the masters IP address.

3. Stop and disable zookeeper.

4. Now, Start the slave service.

Now, if you navigate to slaves option in the Mesos dashboard, you will see a new entry for the slave you have configured.


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