How To Migrate Enterprise VM’s And Applications To Cloud

Moving the enterprise infrastructure to the cloud has been made easy by CloudSwitch Enterprise application.Cloud switch is intended for organizations who want to move their infrastructure in to cloud securely and efficiently. It is available in free and fully functional format. Cloud switch makes a cloud secure , seamless extension of private cloud without changing anything. You can run your applications wherever you want in the right computing environment without changing anything like your apps, management tools and policies. All data are encrypted and everything stays under control of the enterprise.

Advantages of Cloud Switch:

  1. No need for re-architecting the applications for specific cloud
  2. New apps can be provisioned according to your requirements
  3. Free from cloud lock-in
  4. Enterprise security
Cloud switch enterprise is a downloadable virtual machine, which will be up and running in 20 minutes. It has a web based console, through which you can point and move your on premise windows and Linux applications to the target cloud.

Public Cloud Support:

As of now, CloudSwitch supports three target clouds.

  1. Amazon
  2. Terremark-Express
  3. Terremark-Enterprise  
Getting Started with CloudSwitch:

Downloading CloudSwitch:

Configuring CloudSwitch:
Provisioning and Migrating:



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