How To Provide Security For Cloud Servers

Security is the main concern for all the companies who operate on cloud. Most of the companies face security challenges in a dynamic and scalable cloud environment. If we take public clouds such as Amazon AWS, they provide limited security features for the servers and storage. In that case, if you want to incorporate more security features on to your cloud servers, you have to go for the  third party cloud security providers. Here is where CloudPassage comes in to play. CloudPassage is a startup which provides security for the servers which operate on cloud. In a elastic and scalable environment cloudpassage deploys a better security for the servers. CloudPassage is the first SaaS provider for cloud server security.
            I have used amazon Ubuntu server instance for testing the cloudpassage halo daemon. It is pretty easy. Installation file is available for both windows and Linux flavors supporting both 32 and 64 bit Linux distros.30 days evaluation demo is also  available for new users.

 Services Offered By CloudPassage:

  1. Dynamic firewall management
  2. Multifactor authentication
  3. Intrusion detection and
  4. System hardening
Getting Started:

Step 1: Connect the server using ssh client putty. How To Connet Ubuntu Server Using Putty

Step 2: Download  the cloudpassage halo daemon for Linux to your servers root folder. You can download it from here. You can download it directly to the server or you can download it locally and upload it using filezilla client.  How To Upload Files To Server Using FileZill

Step 3: Install the halo daemon with root permission using the following command

Step 4: Once installation is complete , log in to the cloudpassage portal. There you can see your server added to the portal. You can log in here

Step 5: Navigate to servers on the cloudpassage portal. Add a new group and move the added server to the new group. Follow How To Create A New Group 

Step 6: Navigate to policies menu in the portal and create firewall policies. Follow How To Create Firewall Policies For A Server  

There are various other options for providing security to server. You can follow the quick start guide provided by cloudpassage for more info. CloudPassage Quick Start Guide


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