Cloud Based computers(chromebooks) -Next level of Cloud Computing

Cloud based computers are nothing but computers like ordinary PC’s but it is specifically designed to work completely with the cloud environment. These computers were released in may 2011 with the name called chromebooks since it works on google chrome.There is one thing which makes you say no to this device that is it lacks internal hard drive. But people who understood the art of cloud computing already started using chrombooks.It functions fully over the internet.


Your files will be stored in google cloud network. So in order to access your files you need internet connection since it operates fully on cloud.The advantage of chromebook is that you don have to carry your external hard drive wherever you go, in order to access your personal files or business related data. I know what you are thinking right now. how about security? Google provides adequate security for your files more that you can give it to our personal computers.There is no need for dedicated antivirus programs for you chrome book.Every thing is abstracted away in this don’t have to worry about anything, google takes care of the security measures.

The security levels are layered in chromebooks.It uses the concept of sandbox inorder to protect your system from viruses or any other forms of malware attack.Each tab is opened inside a sandbox,So if a tab is attacked by a virus it will be contained inside the sanbox and it cannot come out of the sandbox. It is taken care by the the verified boot security layer.

The next advantage is the data backup. what if you lost your personal hard drive or it is damaged.either you can recover the data somehow or you can throw it in the garbage. But in Chromebooks you don’t have to worry about your data. Your data will be safe in the cloud.If physical damage occurs to you chromebook you can access your files through some other device using internet.

The next feature is the boot time. For traditional systems the boot time is more when compared to chromebooks.It takes less than 10 seconds to boot up your chromebook.The next step is jus to connect to the internet via wifi or verizons 3G to dive in to the cloud. Chromebooks are available in market(samsung and acer).

Sony is planning to release their chromebook version VCC111 according the news given by FCC testing. It is said that it will be running or arm processor. It is designed to boot fast and get on the internet. Release date has not been announced yet. It will available in the market for below 500$.

Sony Chromebook

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