Cloud Computing- The Dictator Of IT Industry

Cloud computing is growing in a rapid pace. Everyone with a smartphone or a tablet uses at least one cloud application even without realizing that they are using the cloud application. The innovation- “cloud computing” has made a splash in the IT industry and the internet users. “mobile cloud, Social cloud, cloud data storage dictate the future of IT” says the Cloud Times. After the recession has hit lot of people lost their jobs and now its cloud computing that gives them hope. The studies conducted by the IT giants Microsoft and SAP appears as a
spot of light on the horizon to the prevailing economic crisis as the incredible innovation “cloud computing” creates jobs and fuels the business market.And if you are an IT professional and not yet equipped with cloud computing skills this is the best year to do so, because the number of cloud related jobs are increasing significantly. IDC a research firm predicts that 14 million cloud computing jobs will be created in a short period of 3 years.      
             New trends in cloud computing are identified in 2012. As the business process are accomplished using cloud computing. Most of the companies are getting a high level of comfort with this technology. With the advancements in the security architecture of the service providers, high level of security is provided for their corporate clients. Another fastest growing segment is the ERP(enterprise resource planing), as all business process can fit within the ERP suite eg.. accounting,customer service etc..Using the cloud infrastructure the ERP segments can be accessed in an unparalleled manner, anywhere at anytime.


            The next one is the programming platform. Wide range of functionalities are available for the developers in the cloud environment. Testing inside a sandbox is the main advantage of programming in cloud. Less cost and maintenance are required for the cloud platforms.
                  Moreover mobile access is considered as the integral part of cloud computing environment. 2012 is considered to be the year of mobile devices. Each and every sector is using the smartphone’s and tablets for the personal and business needs. so developing software’s for specific needs has been increased.So gear up yourselves to take a long journey in to the world of cloud.

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