Cloud Database -A Distributed Database Technology

What is cloud database (CDBMS) ? 
 A database which runs on cloud computing platform is known as a cloud database. In other words a database which can be accessed from the cloud by clients and delivered to users on pay-as-you use basis.It uses cloud computing to achieve effective resource allocation. It i referred to as (DaaS) database as a service    CDBMS is a distributed database that delivers query service across multiple distributed database nodes located in multiple geographically-distributed data centers , both corporate data center and cloud data center. A query can originate from anywhere , from a PC within a corporation which is connected by a fast line to local data center or a PC in home , from a laptop or a tablet, or a smart phone. That’s why we represent it as coming through internet implying the fact that response will possibly travel through internet too. 

How CDBMS works?? 
The query traffic does not operate through a single node but instead a peer to peer will be more scalable with any single node to receive any query.In such a case each node needs to have a map of the data stored at every node and know the performance characteristics of every node. When a query is received by a node it determines which node would be appropriate to respond to the given query. once that node is selected the responsibility is passed to that node and the executed query will be directed to the user. 

The distributed query system:
The traditional relational databases are designed in such a way that to handle single node queries. But in CDBMS the queries are handled by the distributed environment. A distributed query accesses multiple nodes of the CDBMS and the executed query will be the union of several queries that accesses individual nodes of the CDBMS. This is illustrated in the above figure.
Advantages of cloud database system:
  1. It makes information sharing convenient and simple.
  2. Authorized member can access the database regardless of their current location. 
  3. Easy disaster recovery 
  4. Cloud database is cheaper than maintaining an actual server where lots of applications are necessary 
  5. Cloud database provides infinite storage capacity. we can expand the storage whenever needed. 
  6. The main advantage of cloud database is the mobility. you can manipulate the data from anywhere you are, just with an internet connection.
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