What You Need to Know About App Development in Cloud

The realm of cloud computing in the arena of technology is growing in popularity at a fast pace. And, this makes sense as more and more people are incessantly demanding access to information, ability to stay updated and connected on-the-go. Now, you no longer need to face the dilemma – particularly the inability to share information and data, even though, you don’t have a desktop or PC. Why is that so? Well, a Smartphone is all you need today to get access to any type of information, regardless of wherever you are! That said, smartphones are ruling in today’s technological world and replacing the desktop usage, by becoming the go-on computing device.

Cloud Computing – Riveting Facts You Need to Know

According to a survey, conducted by Litmus around 51 percent of mails are accessed on the mobile devices. What’s more? It has been found that most of the users prefer accessing their social networking sites or networks from their smartphones, and to do so these users make use of mobile apps rather than the conventional methodology of using the browser to surf the sites. Isn’t it interesting!

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Ever wondered that you could access your social networks from your pocket friendly devices? Now, that’s possible with smartphone. The information that you access on your smartphones and share with your friends or acquaintances, has become possible because of the new class of network based computing, that is, cloud computing. Thus, it will be sufficed to say that cloud computing has played an equally important role in making it possible for you to obtain the data from your smartphones.

Application Development in the Cloud and It’s Benefits

Do you know? The time when cloud computing advanced to mobile computing, the maximum benefits were obtained by Android phones. Nowadays, cloud computing is quickly catching on with consumers by providing them with several type of Android apps for Cloud Computing such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote and many more. What Else? With the advantages of cloud computing becoming increasingly evident, has led to a stir to bring Android app development to the cloud. Though, the concept in this context has not really initiated. But, we’re seeing developers performing coding and testing on their own machine, which is later followed by deploying the final application on the cloud.

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Earlier, in order to carry out application development, the same exhausted process was followed wherein a team was needed initially to study the feasibility of the app development project, and then were required to find out whether they had the essential manpower as well as the technology to instigate the project or not. In case they did not have the vital requisites, it became imperative to define the needs to be acquired and at the cost involved in meeting those needs. Now, that’s a cumbersome process! Let’s have a look at the two basic benefits that cloud offers while developing an app, as listed below:

Speed: Cloud computing to a large extent is becoming the much talked about topic of concern for developing apps. This is because, unlike the cumbersome and wide process of carrying out application development, cloud computing enables you to build apps within a short time frame (in weeks or less) which earlier took months to build.

Ward off Irrelevant Issues: With cloud computing, you no longer have to worry about the storage, the infrastructure and services that are related to maintenance and preservation of the resources that you need in order to build and deploy any app. And thus, development team gets the privilege to focus on creating the application, more willingly than paying heed to extraneous issues.

Cut-Down Hardware Cost: Cloud computing systems helps in cutting-down the need for sophisticated hardware on the client side. Why’s that? This is because, you are not required to buy a computer that is exceedingly faster having good amount of memory, as the cloud system take care of all such needs for you. Rather, what’ll you need is to procure a reasonably priced computer terminal – perhaps, the one including a monitor, input devices and a minimal processing power in order to make the middleware run, which is needed to connect to the cloud system.

A Final Word : Despite the given fact that developing apps for the cloud is a befitting choice, it might become a little difficult to getting used to this process owing to its differences from conventional app development. You must not worry! As, aplenty of middleware and tools are available in the marketplace that you can use while developing apps in cloud, such as CloudSwitch, Rightscale, Coderun, and others.

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