Big Data, Cloud Database and Computing

cloud and big data

The gradual rise of cloud computing and data storage in clouds have been a major factor in rising of Big Data. Cloud stores big data, hence facilitates its emergence.

Cloud computing is very powerful technology which can be used to perform massive scale and very complex computing.

Cloud computing eliminates the expenses to maintain the costly hardware to store that amount of data.

Cloud computing and big data together, not only given giant companies new and unique way to maximise their profit but also given data scientists and researchers a new unique way to work on complex phenomenon.

Just few years ago, big data and cloud was dream. It was just a theory. But time, need and researcher’s hard work made it a reality. It brought a revolution in the field of data.

Big data- “all about the cloud”

In today’s world the size of data is becoming giant. So today’s definition is, if there is big data, then there must be a cloud supporting it.

Cloud computing democratises big data- it gives freedom and now any enterprise can work with unstructured data that too at very huge scale.

So, big data and cloud computing exist together.

Various firms and giant companies are peculiarly using this technology to maximise their overall profit by making their business decisions wisely by studying big data. Big firms hire quality analysts who analyse company’s big data. Analysis includes, analysis of various transaction trends by customers, demand of various products etc. Analysts study data of companies thoroughly and provide their conclusions, which help the policy maker’s of company to take wiser decisions to maximise their profit.

Survey and records shows that the difference between growth rate of profit between the firm which use big data analysis and the one which don’t is approximately 9%. And if we consider big giant firms, which play in hundreds and thousandths of crore, then 9% of it, you can do the mathematics now.

Big data cloud-“new solution, new headache”

When we limit our study to theory, then big data cloud is very efficient. It means it’s pretty cost effective, quiet scalable and also pretty fast to build. Unfortunately, that’s not all. There are some issues related to it when we move one step ahead towards practicality.

Database administrators never had an easy ride. The NoSQL databases that have appeared in the last few development oriented years, with their key-value pairs, document stores and also missing schemas, don’t really look like the relational databases which they are slowly replacing. Not only this, also the flooding data are really difficult to capture and storage. Its also difficult to process and report on data hubs.

But, as we all know, every technology has its own pros and cons.

Cloud’s pros are very promising and if we talk about cons, brisk work is going on to get over its cons. Data scientists are working pretty hard to make way towards perfect practical cloud.

Future-“in hands of big data cloud”

Seeing the growth and development in the field of big data and cloud, researchers predict that, in the coming future we will have a virtual data dominant world.

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