2017 Best SEO Practices: Tips that You Should Know

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No one knows your brand or blog until you have an online presence with adequate identity. In order to make people vigilant about your product or blog, SEO is the right strategy.

From small scale industries to major one, all are adopting the SEO strategies in order to boost the ranking as well as the traffic of their website or blog. SEO is such a way that affects the visibility of your site and enables you to drive your website at a successful route.

2017 Best SEO Practices

In this article, we have listed out the best SEO practices that you should follow to rank better and build an authority in your domain. So, let’s have a look at each practice along with copywriting tips that you need to use now:

Start With Compelling Contents

Impress your audience by emphasizing more compelling contents because Google will merely continue to those websites that are based on solid content strategy. Error-free and quality contents will be considered by the Google rather than quantity.

Do you know content is such a powerful thing that can turn your visitors into the potential buyers? So, publish the magic contents so as to engage the audience and compel them to revisit your site.

2017 will adhere more to the visual contents than simple contents. So, make sure your contents will have compelling texts as well as images in order attract more and more audience.

The Rise Of Video Marketing

The upcoming year is going to use videos more than product description or infographics just to promote brand or services because people love to watch videos instead of having a look on infographics.

Video marketing is such a step by step process that converts your targeted audience into the buyers and in the upcoming year, there will be more craze among users about product videos.

Do you know one of the third users taking the recourse of YouTube and Instagram? It is because these platforms don’t merely boost your website traffic even your online status as well.

Research says that silent videos are grabbing the focus of the customers because these videos can be seen everywhere whether in office hours or in public space.

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Use Of Right Keywords

Google’s Keyword Planner is such an essential tool where you can research industry specific and right keywords to be used in your quality contents.

In order to provide the best and less competitive advantage long tail keywords help you out to draw high web traffic in 2017 instead of the short length of keywords.

The other smart way to make Google happy is to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. LSI keywords are built using the synonyms or related words so as Google can understand your product easily when people search your product or brand on the internet.

Link Building on the most popular and related sites can make your efforts easy by increasing the web traffic with targeted audience. In order to grab heavy rush on your site or blog link building is a perfect way indeed.

It is such a way to send the referral traffic to your site or blog so that visitors can turn into your potential client. There are various techniques that can be used for successful link building campaigns such as directory submission, blog and article posting, infographics and other content marketing tools. Through this, you can promote the ranking as well as traffic of your site or blog.

Grab More Audience with Social Network

People are becoming more incumbent on the social networks and in the coming year the percentage of the audience on the social platforms will take a big boom. So, start making your presence on the social networking sites incorporating Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, foursquare etc.

The above mentioned social networks deliver an amazing result by increasing the organic traffic that is such a positive factor for your business website or blog. By sharing posts with images, infographics or videos you can grab more client database as well as loyalty.

Boost Organic Traffic

Organic traffic sends you the most targeted traffic to your site. There are various techniques that you can start getting an organic traffic naturally from the search engines.

When it comes to generating the income from affiliate programs or advertisements, organic search is always beneficial because marketers prefer to contact those sites or blogs that are capable of gaining organic traffic in order publish ads.

Well, there are numerous aspects of SEO such as On-Site SEO, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO but the best organic results can be achieved by using the On-Site SEO. It is imperative to take care of Meta Tags, Titles, broken links etc.

The SEO optimized content also works well in gaining the organic traffic. SEO optimized content refers to the content that can be better understood by the Google search engine. For instance, if your site or blog is related to the clothes than your content can include what kind of fashion and lifestyle trend is going on and it will help you to drive traffic to your product page.

Mobile Importance Is Increasing

In present data-driven world, the craze of mobile is rocketing whether for data research, shopping, booking movie or event, and much more. Hence, SEO Ranking Factor matters via mobile marketing.

In the year 2017, the mobile is going to be an everyday reality because 80% of internet users own smartphones so, having a responsive website is obligatory for every business individual because no user can carry a laptop every time but they never walk out without the smartphones.

So, get your mobile application developed and also adopt the responsive web design so as mobile users can access your products, services or blog with no time and place limitation.

Thus, highlight your brand, product, services, or blog by adhering the above-explained SEO practices. Start implementing the best SEO practices from now so as you can obtain the result in the year 2017.

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