How to Use Videos to Channel Traffic to a Blog

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When it comes to content, a video is in a class of its own. Nothing else comes close to being able to command the engagement that videos do – which is why you may already have begun to publish video content on your blog.

However aside from acting as engaging content on your blog itself, videos can also be an extremely lucrative source of traffic – if used right. To do that you will need to:

Publish videos on multiple distribution platforms

Nowadays there are many different platforms that you can use to distribute your videos. Needless to say social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are excellent – as is YouTube, Snapchat, and so on. When you publish videos on these platforms you stand to gain a lot of viewers, and if you interest them enough you can channel them to your blog.

Make your videos more visible

The trick to being able to get more viewers on your distribution platforms in the first place is to make them more visible. Normally the best way to go about that is by making sure you’re using the right keywords in your video title and description, and some good tags too.

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Naturally, you will need a link that points to your blog – and normally you can place one in your video description on most platforms. In some cases (i.e. YouTube), you can even add annotations directly to the video itself that can link to your blog.

Give viewers a reason to visit your blog

Getting views on all these platforms are nice – but if you want to turn that into traffic for your blog you’ll need to give them a reason to want to visit it. It helps to be creative, and entice them into visiting by promising them more content related to the video they just watched. For example, you could publish a short version of the video on social media and invite them to watch the longer version with more details via a link.

If you’re worried about creating video content in the first place – that’s the easy part. Assuming you have a mobile device that can record videos you can get started and then use an iPhone video editor such as Clip&Go to tidy it up and make it look good before you publish it.

The features in Clip&Go are more than sufficient to let you create some pretty impressive videos. It is able to combine videos in the sequence you need, trim out unnecessary bits, add background music, and then save or share it in square, portrait or landscape format.

In short, you should be able to quickly and easily create a nice video that can be used as content either for social media or your blog. To download Clip&Go just head over to the App Store and you will be able to get started creating your first video as soon as it is ready.

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