List of Best Tools For Creating Animated Promo Videos

tools for creating animated promo videos

The only way to keep the audience interested in your presentation is by using an awesome presentation. Few people have the skill set to create interactive presentations which keep on going without boring the audience.

The best part about animated or whiteboard animation is that it keeps the viewer interested in your content. Better visuals keep the content fresh and appealing.

To create animated promo videos using animation tools is not going to happen to a normal person unless until he is a professional animator. That’s why few awesome engineers have created few great tools for creating awesome animated and whiteboarding promo videos for normal people without animation skills. In this guide, I will explain few tools you can use to create a tech video promo or a presentation intro.

Tools for Creating Animated Promo Videos

Following are the list of tools which  I have used for creating promo videos.

1. Videoscribe

Whiteboarding is the best way if you are trying to explain or sell something using a promo video. Let it be your company promo or product promo if you are able to create a video with a storyline with whiteboarding, it is 99% sure that whoever started watching it will watch it till the end. One such example of a video is shown below.

Using Videoscribe, you can create whiteboarding videos with just images. You can search for relevant images from Videoscribe cloud or you can use custom SVG images. The tool with animate the drawing based on the time intervals you mention for the image as shown in the above video. Videoscribe is a paid tool but you can use the Free Trial to test how the tool work and it fits your needs. You can get sparkol videoscribe coupons  to get discounts on its subscription.

2. (Vyond) Goanimate

Next on our list is Vyong, previously called as Goanimate. Using this you can create appealing video presentations. It is again a paid tool with a free trial. You can use the free trial period of 14 days to find if it fits your needs. This tool is basically for business people those who have no idea how to create an animated video. With the help of this tool, the person can easily create attractive promotional videos. You can get the latest Vyond Discount Coupons for all type of subscription like enterprise, business and even professional.

3. Powtoon

Powtoon is another great tool for promo videos or presentations. Powtoon is not a desktop software. You always need internet connectivity for creating the videos. But it offers a variety of images and options for creating animated videos promos. You can create free animated video presentations using Powtoon, but it cannot be used for commercial uses as per their terms and conditions. Also, a Powtoon watermark will be there for free versions.


In this article, I have mentioned a few good software for creating animated promo videos. I have used both Videoscribe and Powtoon. I have liked both but I have used Videoscribe more as most of the videos I have created had both animations and texts. You can try out these tools and let me in the comment section about your experience.

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