TubeBuddy Review 2024: Is It A Worthwhile Tool? (YouTube SEO)

TubeBuddy Review

Is TubeBuddy a YouTube SEO tool?

Yes, it is! More YouTube marketers and creators, including me, use this tool for their YouTube SEO.

Let’s break down TubeBuddy.

What Is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a YouTube SEO tool with a Chrome extension. It offers a free version, and notably, its Chrome extension is extremely helpful.

It connects to your YouTube dashboard and offers tools to enhance your YouTube SEO.

TubeBuddy review: Login page of tubebuddy

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Best TubeBuddy Features

I have listed the best features of TubeBuddy for your quick reference.

1. YouTube SEO Tools

These four tools are very helpful, and they’ve helped me a lot. Let’s explore these tools.

  1. Keyword Explorer
  2. Suggested Tags
  3. SEO studio
  4. A/B tests

These tools will aid your YouTube SEO efforts.

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2. Tools For Your Productivity

The four tools are designed to increase your productivity for YouTube actions.

Here’s the list of tools:

  1. Thumbnail Generator
  2. Video Topic Planner
  3. Title Generator
  4. Canned Responses

Utilize these tools to accelerate your work.

3. Analytics Features

Here are the features I have listed below.

  1. Search Rank Tracking
  2. Social Monitors
  3. Competitor score analysing
  4. Health report

By now, you should have a good understanding of what this tool offers and how it can be used.

Well, stay with me until the end.

Best Tools Of TubeBuddy

I’m going to list the best tools of TubeBuddy that I find very satisfying.

Tubebuddy review: dashboard and tools of tubebuddy

Let’s explore these tools.

#1. Keyword Explorer

You’re probably familiar with Keyword Explorer, right?

Well, this tool is essential for identifying keywords for YouTube SEO.

The image below displays the Keyword Explorer page.

tubebuddy review : this is the keyword explorer tool in tubebuddy

I typed “Video SEO” as a keyword.

Check out the results in the image below.

tubebuddy review : I typed Keyword 'video seo' and it gives the result

It shows the overall SEO score for this keyword, including search volume, optimization strength, competition level, search results, and monthly search results.

It also displays related topics and searches for your keyword. Pretty cool, right?

Yes, indeed!

Then, in the results section, it displays the top videos for your keywords.

You can see this in the image below.

tubebuddy review : Top videos for my keyword.

I hope you now have a clear understanding of the Keyword Explorer in TubeBuddy.

Check more about Video SEO. So you will get an idea about Video SEO.

Check out the latest TubeBuddy Plans Below.

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#2. Videolytics

I know you might be wondering, what is this feature?

Let me explain: it’s the TubeBuddy Chrome extension.

tubebuddy review : TubeBuddy Chrome extension. You can see your competitor's video or other videos to learn about their YouTube SEO.

With this, you can analyze your competitors’ videos to understand their YouTube SEO strategies.

It displays various metrics such as total views, comments, likes, ranked tags, SEO score, channel overall views, tags, and the overall video optimization of your competitor.

This can be a game-changer for you. Utilize it to create well-optimized YouTube SEO videos.

#3. Canned Responses

For instance, if you’re receiving many comments, it can be time-consuming to reply, right?

But using this feature, you can respond quickly and efficiently, which can help grow your channel faster and create a positive impact.

#4. Automatic Translator

This feature helps you reach a global audience by translating your title and description into various languages.

#5. Health Report

This feature displays the performance and health of your YouTube channel.

#6. Thumbnail Generator

A thumbnail is extremely important for your YouTube videos, right?

You might use a different tool for creating thumbnails, and that’s okay!

However, I suggest you try this feature for quickly creating your thumbnails.

TubeBuddy Pricing & Plans

Now let’s look at the monthly and annual plans & prices for the TubeBuddy tool.

So, the first picture shows monthly plans and prices.

TubeBuddy review: monthly plans and prices of TubeBuddy

The next image shows the yearly plans and prices. Also, you can buy for 3 months as well.

For that, you will get a flat 20% discount compared to a monthly plan. Now if you are going for the annual plan, you will get a flat 30% off compared to the monthly plan.

TubeBuddy review: yearly plans and prices of TubeBuddy

Explore Tools Of TubeBuddy With Plans

In the images below, I have displayed the tools available under the free, pro, and legend plans. Take a look and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

TubeBuddy Productivity Features:

TubeBuddy review: TubeBuddy productivity tools listed

TubeBuddy Bulk Processing

TubeBuddy review: TubeBuddy bulk processing features listed

TubeBuddy Video SEO

TubeBuddy review: TubeBuddy video SEO features & tools listed

TubeBuddy Promotion

TubeBuddy review: TubeBuddy promotion features  listed

TubeBuddy Data & Research

TubeBuddy review: TubeBuddy Data & Research features & tools listed

TubeBuddy Account Perks

TubeBuddy review: TubeBuddy account perks listed

These are the features and tools in TubeBuddy based on three versions of plans

The Bottom Line: My TubeBuddy Review

In my opinion, and based on my experience, this is the best tool I have ever used for my YouTube SEO.

As I mentioned all the features above, I am extremely satisfied with every feature in TubeBuddy.

It’s an easy-to-use and affordable tool for every content creator and marketer.

I have been using TubeBuddy for a while now and will continue to update my learnings and experiences on this blog.


In conclusion, YouTube videos and video content are booming in this era. Take advantage of it by using this amazing tool.

I suggest you use this tool to enhance your productivity and accelerate your YouTube game.

Are you using TubeBuddy for your YouTube?

If not, give it a try!

Comment below with your thoughts on this tool.

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