Top 5 trends in digital marketing set to rule 2024

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In this article, I’m going to cover the top 5 trends in digital marketing set to rules.

2016 has been an amazing year so far for digital marketing with several companies getting benefitted from it.

But the industry never actually slows down so it is time to think beyond everything we have achieved so far.

Although we have not quite reached the end of 2016 yet it is the right time to think about the things that are going to happen in the world of digital marketing in 2024.

What can you expect in 2024?

The online marketing industry is highly complex and volatile, so it is not easy to exactly say what changes are going to happen but at least we can anticipate and prepare ourselves.

Thus, try to understand these digital marketing trends that are about to come and prepare yourself according to them.

You do not need to use every one of them but it is necessary to be aware of the existence of these trends to remain competitive in the digital marketing industry.

1. Data Visualisation Tools will play an important role

As online marketers, data is the main source of our life force. We need to analyze the quantitative information gathered to know who is buying a certain product, when, why, and how can we effectively insist they buy that.

But human brains are not supercomputers so even the master data analysts face problems in efficiently predicting what the data is trying to preach.

Thus, a proper method to effectively analyze raw data has become an absolute necessity.

In 2016 we witnessed the rise of efficient technologies that can successfully interpret numerical data and that trend is going to get even stronger in 2024 and in the future.

2016 marked the development of several data visualization tools and by the next year, every major business will try to acquire them to survive in this competitive market of digital marketing.

We will see the development of more sophisticated technologies and the need for data interpretation will be larger than ever.

2. Mobile will be the dominating ones

This year was completely about mobiles and it seems that trend will continue in the next year too.

We have witnessed how Google got rid of all the websites that were not optimized for mobile phones, thus we can be sure of one thing even Google is giving importance to mobile-based digital marketing.

The continuing rise of smartphone users and the decrease in desktop traffic is an indication that mobile-based online marketing is going to be very important.

So we can say that mobile optimization will top the priority list of digital marketers in the future.

3. The rise of AR and VR-based Content Marketing

Content marketing has always played a huge role in increasing traffic and online sales but in the present and in the future the users will be craving for real-life experiences so that they can feel that they are doing more than just staring at the screen of their device.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the two things that are driving this concept.

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This year we have already seen the popularization of 360-degree videos which give you the feeling that you are actually inside it and it is going to develop even further in the upcoming year.

It has been a key to providing real-time experience to the users and it is going to develop further in 2017.

4. Search Engine algorithms will change frequently

No matter what our personal views are frequent changes in search engine algorithms will happen in the present and future.

With all the data getting added to the digital platform every second in such bulk amounts, search engine moguls like Google will continuously update their algorithm to decide which content is worthy of getting priority and higher ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs).

We already had four Google algorithm updates in this year so far and it is going to be much more frequent in the next year.

Thus, the only strategy you have to survive is to keep your content original, attractive, and informative to your online audience.

If you are a digital marketer then you should not rely on just Google’s algorithm updates but you should also consider the algorithm updates from Facebook and Bing.

5. Dedicated mobile apps will rule the year

The function of a dedicated mobile application is to provide the facilities of all the mobile-optimized websites but in a more sophisticated way.

This year Google has provided the indexing of the applications which will provide a multitude of advantages for having a dedicated app in the upcoming year.

Although it is still far from the complete annihilation of the websites by the mobile apps marketers are slowly understanding the importance of having mobile apps and 2017 will play an important role in the development of apps.

Marketing is an art mastered by those who are foresighted enough to have plans for the future, anticipate the changes that are going to happen, and get accustomed to the changes faster than their competitors do.

Thus, get accustomed to these upcoming digital marketing trends and become a winner in 2023 and in the future.

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