ScreenFlow Review and Discount: Best Screen Capture and Editing Software.

best screencasting software

While searching for Screen Capturing software on the internet I give my shot to ScreenFlow for its trail version.

Being an amateur to this video editing thing I found it is the best and the easiest one to work with. It is very much helpful for recording an ongoing activity on my MAC and works great on my iPhone too. After using all day for my presentation I decided to buy a complete paid version.

ScreenFlow is a full-blown video editor, and screen capturing software. If you are making tutorials, then this is the best software you should use. Think of a feature required for your editing , ScreenFlow probably has it – hence it has a lot to surprise & It is highly cost effective .

There is a trial version you can use to figure out if its worth for you.

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ScreenFlow Review: Features you should know

Here is my review which made me confident to buy this amazing software. And I promise you its a value for money and you gonna love it.

1. Records Anything and Everything on your device

With Highest Quality Recording feature on ScreenFlow, I am able to capture in the best quality available even on Retina Displays.
The New Partial Screen Capture feature is best as I am now able to select the right screen with right content and it helps me to Record any part of your screen which is selectively required or any open window by itself.

Now recording High-quality Demos on my screen i,e both on MAC and iPhone is easy and fun. And no need to worry about the audio as you can monitor it too. It gives my videos a perfection as both audio and video quality is best of its kind.

2. You can Edit Everything:

Use of Professional Animations, Motions Graphics, and various other features allows me to Animate the graphics, now logos and various effects like Spring, Gravity and Pulse can be easily added to make your presentation awesome .

It is Highly professional and Easy to Learn, Easy to Use the interface of ScreenFlow allows even those with no video editing experience to start using it and to create epic content within minutes.

It adds professional touches to the videos, presentations of mine using the built-in transitions, audio,annotations, & video filters and yes its one of the main features and worked like a charm.

With ScreenFlow, I can able to add easily the closed captions to all movies and other video files. Now using ScreenFlow’s caption editor tool to add, edit and publish ADA Compliant soft subtitles as caption tracks toMPEG-4 movies for Apple devices and YouTube videos is fun .

A feature of the creation of caption tracks in multiple languages and also to export separately as an SRT file make it a good software . I am also able to import SRT files for use in the caption editor to make my content available for different audiences.

It is the Best Application for making Software Tutorials on Apple devices as it effects to help direct attention to onscreen demo or tutorial.Mouse click effects can be easily added and also the mouse pointer size can be adjusted if you want to adjust it during the screen recordings .

You can make your videos, tutorials the way you want to present them to your viewers, may be your colleagues or your friends. My Friends became crazy when I shared my work with them.

3. Streamlined Media Management

Management is very important while working on an Editing software and with ScreenFlow, I am having the best experience. The best thing about it as with dynamic update of imported media files , direct access to libraries, as well as easy ways to organize your media such as nested clips, multi-track editing options, use of markers, and color labels on clips makes this software your best buddy to work with, editing in ScreenFlow is user friendly.

Once you start using it, I am sure you will be surprised and satisfied with its performance.

4. Share with Everyone

being a social media Addict I love to share my work on my twitter handles and almost on every social media site. When your editing is complete the software allows you to share your stuff directly to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and more. So that you can earn the appreciation and show the world your creative side. When you are done editing your screencast, By simply selecting “Publish To..” from the menu and choosing your desired destination. Your files are shared directly to your destination and save a local copy on your computer or your device.

5. Other Great Options

Following are the other great features of ScreenFlow.

GIFs and short animations

GIFs are back in social media and ScreenFlow helps here too. With Animated GIF Export you can Create animated GIFs and other crazy interesting stuff right from your timeline. I love it the way it works and its great when your work is loved by others too.

ProRes, MP4 Encoding & other Technical features

It comes with some preset export settings for optimal quality which is really very great to work with. Now you can export the quality and settings you need. The new ProRes 422 and 422LT added to it which gives you great results.

The Telestream Cloud Publishing

it is the another good feature to use Telestream cloud and you can enjoy other features with it.

6. Regular Updates and Customer support

With regular updates and a Customer support system, It is the best editing software in the market at present. If you are a beginner or a professional or just want to try it , it gives your services according to your requirements.

My Verdict-The interface and options show that there’s obviously been an exceptional amount of work put into this application. Works without a hitch for me, simply an amazing product! By far this is superior to all others I have tried and it’s free for a trial version & if you are a professional content creator then you should purchase the pro version which is under your budget to create Quality content. This software is just what you were looking for.

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  1. ive tried several screencasting programs with no good results so im looking forward to this thanks for the trial

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