How To setup A Custom Domain For A Website Hosted On Amazon S3

If you would prefer not to have the S3 extension in the URL for your website hosted on amazon S3 ,you have an option to choose a custom domain and point it to your S3 website.

Getting Started:

Step1:Assuming that you have already hosted your webpages on S3 bucket, Select the bucket,click properties button and select the “static web hosting “option under properties. Make sure that you name and your custom domain name should be the same.

Step2: Under static web hosting, copy the endpoint address and save it in a notepad or any other editor, it will be used later.

Step3:Select the “enable website hosting” option under static web hosting , give the index document name as “index.html” and save the changes. (document name is the index page of your website)

s3 custom domain

Step4:Login to your DNS providers website and go to DNS manager. Here am going to use

Step4:Go to DNS settings ,change the CNAME value to the S3 endpoint provided by amazon S3 and save the settings. It might take 48 hours for the changes to take place.

S3 cname value

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