How to install and setup Plesk on Amazon EC2


Plesk is a control panel solution for system administrators and webmasters. plesk is a product of parallels.

plesk ec2

Use case:

If you think of good dashboard solution for hosting multiple websites for multile users on ec2 machine.

Setting up plesk on ec2:

You can set up plesk on ec2 using two methods.

1. Launch the licence attached plesk ami  from amazon market place. You will have to pay for amazon resources as well as the plesk licence on per hour basis. Plesk licence would cost  come around  $0.07 per hour. This offers a 14 day trial package. You will be charged once the sunscription is over. The trial is only for plesk licence, you will be charged for the aws resources you use.

Note: You cannot launch plesk in a micro instance. The minimum supported instance is m1.small

2 .Launch an instance with plesk and use your own licence if you have purchased one.

I would recomend 1st method. In this tutorial i will walk you through the plesk setup using the trial ami.

Instance setup:

1. Go to AWS management console , select the aws region and navigate to the ec2 section.

2. Click launch instance, select the market place option and search for plesk using the search box.


3. Select the ami , select the instance type any launch the instance like launching normal instances. Open port 8443, 80, 443 on security groups. port 8443 is used by plesk dashboard.

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4. Once launched, login to the instance using putty.

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5. Update the server packages using the following command.

sudo yum update

6.Run the following command to set the server ip for plesk. I recommend you to use the elastic ip for your instance because the public ip changes every time you restart the server and you will have to run the following command every time you restart the server to access the plesk dashboard.

sudo /usr/local/psa/bin/amazon_setup_ip <your server ip> 

6. You can access the plesk dashboard using https://yourip:8443. The default user name is admin and you can get the password from the server by running the following command on putty.

sudo /usr/local/psa/bin/admin --show-password

7. get the password and login using the username and password.

Once you logged in to the plesk dashboard, you can configure plesk based on the configuration you want. leave a comment for any queries.

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