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Blogging requires so much hard work it’s not funny. For others who don’t understand the nuances of blogging, it seems like simple work to come up with a few ideas, supplement it with photos and bam- a blog is born! But alas, for those who write it know the true struggles that go into writing a blog and the disappointment of not getting enthusiasm from readers even after writing on something brilliant is something every blogger has faced.

If you’re struggling with getting views for your blog and it seems no one takes time out to even click on your beloved article, here are some tips that will help you increase the traffic on your blog:

Think of Content Strategically

It’s a known fact that writing good content goes without saying however how you market the same content is a whole other ball game. It is not just about the quality of the content but what audience you’re aiming at. Your content can either induce humor or it can be educational and you can pick which writing style you’re comfortable with. If you’re running a technology blog, you can check what latest gadgets users are looking for and frame your content around it. It’s important to present relevant content to users which are good way to start making sure you get repeat users as well as new users flocking to your blog to find out more or get their daily dose of humor!

Networking through Comments

One of the key tips for survival in the blogging world is to have good networking. In order to improve your networking both with your readers and other bloggers, take commenting seriously. First of all, comment and reply to your users which will show you take an interest in their opinions and feedback about your blog. This will allow current users to stay loyal. Secondly, comment on other blogger’s post and leave your blog URL to create a back link to your blog. If your comment is catchy, chances are other readers will want to visit your blog as well. This too is a great way to sustain and invite new users to come visit your blog.

By making commenting active, a blogger can take benefits of fresh content on his blog, so you are. There are lots of plugins you can install to make commenting active. But before installing any plugin you need to ensure that your hosting is capable of handling such plugins. Visit GoDaddy official website so check which plan is perfect for you to run all these plugins hassles free and use active GoDaddy coupons available  to get that package at the price that suits your pocket.

Make Sure Your Title is Catchy

Many a times readers scroll through blogs without pausing to take a look at it because the title wasn’t catchy enough. No matter how good the content of the article is, it’s not going to help because it’s your title that will create the first impression about your article. Make sure your title is intriguing and makes the user curious to find out what’s written in the article. This is also important for search engines as it gives them an idea what your blog is about and helps display your blog during relevant search results. Hence, keep your title true to the topic and make people wonder what your blogs about to make sure they come and visit!

Blog Design Matters

It’s true that the first impression is the last impression especially when it comes to blogs. When people visit your blog, one of the first things they notice is how it looks and how appealing it is to the eyes. This is why it’s important to make your blog stand out visually and stick to the theme. If your blog is about food, it’s also about the kind of pictures you use to supplement your blog and make sure the header and title match the rest of the content.

Do not play around with more than three colors as this will lead to a mismatched and distracting look. You can play around with two pastel or neutral shades and one bright color to add a bit of bling. Having images to go with your blog will help it stand out and make people remember it for longer. Hence, make sure your blog is user-friendly and attractive enough to make people stay!

Hence, make sure your blog is user-friendly and attractive enough to make people stay! If you are going to use WordPress for your blog, you can avail lots of inbuilt themes which are attractive and SEO friendly as well. Bigrock gives the option to install WordPress through its panel with lots of attractive themes. There are a bunch of free themes with bigrock WordPress installation. Not only this, apply Mighty Deals Coupons while buying graphics, fonts and themes to save almost half of the cost you are going to pay.

Speed Is Your Friend

One of the things that lead to an increase in bounce rate is a long load time. Many a time people click on a blog but leave it half way if it doesn’t load at a proper speed. You need to make sure your blog is well equipped to load quickly be it for a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Make your blog mobile friendly, as well as this, helps you earn brownie points in terms of search engine optimization helping your blog rank higher in search results but also makes sure you’re always present even if your reader is using a mobile.

Make sure the images are resized to fit the blog, they can be downloaded quickly and the website is cached for faster loading. You can tweak these aspects by downloading the right plugins. Make sure your information is instantly available to readers who won’t hesitate to close your blog and move on to the next one just because your load time is ridiculous. These little factors do go a long way!

Make use of these sure shot tips that will slowly but surely help you start getting better traffic. There is no magic or science that goes into increased traffic or why certain blogs are more popular, at the end it’s just about the right approach and strategy which will help you carve yourself out from the other hoi polloi of bloggers!
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