[Fixed] Elementor Fixed Widgets & Popups Issue With WPRocket

Elementor Fixed Widgets & Popups Issue

I faced an issue with Elementor + WPRocket where fixed sidebar widgets and popups stopped working. After testing several configurations I figured out the issue.

The issue was not with Elementor or WPRocket, it was with Cloudflare CDN configurations. So if you are using Elementor + WPRocket + Cloudflare CDN and facing this issue, follow the steps given below to fix the issue.

Step 1: Access CloudFlare Speed Option

Login in to the Cloudflare dashboard and access the speed option in the left menu options as shown in the image below.

cloudflare dashbaord

Step 2: Open Optimization Option

Under the speed category, click the optimization option as shown below.

image 2

Step 3: Disable Rocket Loader Option

From the list of options, scroll down and find the Rocket Loader option. It is the option that causes sticky widgets and popups to stop working. Disable the Rocket Loader option. It should be greyed out as shown below.

Disable the Rocket Loader option for elementor popup

Step 4: Clear Cache & Test Again

Now, clear both WPRocket & Cloudflare cache. Test both the sticky widget and the popups. It should work now. Also, clear the browser cache or use the guest profile while testing.

Hope this tip helps you rectify the issue.

Also, check out my fix for the Elementor header menu dropdown issue.

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