WP Rocket Plugin Review: How It Improved Website Performance by 50%

WP Rocket Plugin Review

I recently switched to WP Rocket caching plugin for digitoguide.com

The question is:

Do you really need a caching plugin?

Yes! If you have a WordPress blog, It is must to have caching plugin.

Caching reduces the site loading time and puts less stress on your database serving all user requests saving bandwidth.

Also, Search engines doesn’t like site which take more time to load.

In this blog, I will talk about WP Rocket WordPress caching plugin and how it significantly brought down Digitoguides load time by 50%

I am talking about 50% less loading time as compared to the free caching plugin I was using.

First I set up a WP rocket on one of our technical blogs which showed a significant improvement (50% less loading time) in site performance and I thought of setting WP Rocket on Digitoguide and show you the real performance difference comparing with another popular caching plugin.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Key Features

*Significant Website Performance Improvement
*Easy & Quick Setup
*Good Support


Here is what we did

wordpress caching
  1. We have done a test comparing site load times before and after installing the WP Rocket caching plugin
  2. First, we did the page speed test with the popular free caching plugin WP Super Cache. We used Google page speed insights & Pingdom speed test tool.
  3. Then we uninstalled WP Super Cache and installed the WP Rocket plugin. The test was repeated with the same toolsets.

Note: There are more optimizations can be done to improve site performance. In this post, we have considered the only optimization that can be done through the caching plugins.

You can check out the before and after results from the below summary table.

Before WP RockerAfter WP Rocket
Pingdom Page Speed1.39 s428ms
Google Page Speed
Insights Score

Site Speed Before WP Rocket

We will look at the page speed ingights from the following.

  1. Google Page Speed Insights
  2. Pingdom Page Speed Test

Lets have a look at google page speed analytics grades.

Google page speed analytics

It will show you page speed grades for both Mobile and Desktop verisons.

Here are the test results for both.



image 1

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom tools will give you result of website page load time , web page size and other recomendations for improve the page load.

Here is what we have from the pingdom test.

image 2

Site Speed After WP Rocket

Following are the results after installing and configuring WP Rocket.

I have enable all key caching featured from the WP dashboard.

Note: If you are configuring WP Rocket, make sure you have to take a full site backup.

Here are our results.

Google Page Speed Insights

You can see that Desktop result improved to 94.

image 3
image 4

Pingdom Speed Test

Here is the surprising speed test result. We can see the load time has reduced to 428 ms from 1.30 s. It is more than 50% improvement in performance.

image 5

Why I Really like WP Rocket

We all blog for a reason and we want to keep our focus on the content than anything else.

Here is where, WP Rocket helps me with very user friendly configurations.

You dont have to be a techie to configure WP Rocket.

Plus, Just in case if you meet with technical issues, they have a good support system to help you out.

Here is a view of WP Rocket dashboard.

WP Rocket Intuitive Dashboard

All the WP configurations are self explanatory.

Is WP Rocket Free?

All the best things comes with the procice!

WP rocket is a premium plugin. However, you get a 14 days money back guarantee.

It will cost you $39 per year for a single site licence.

Is it worth buying WP Rocket plugin?

Yes definitely! Also, I personally use it on all WordPress sites I own.

If you are working on a Blog focusing on earning income and consistent publishing, definitely you need a plugin like this to keep the search engines happy about the site loading speed.

For me, it lets me focus on the important things and not worry about website performance.

WP Rocket Coupon

Does WP Rocket Offer any Discount Coupon?

Well who doesn’t like a discount!

Unfortuantely there are no dedicated coupon codes to get discount on WP Rocket.

But there are occasional promotions and deals run by WP Rocket team where you can get a discount on all its subscription models.

Normally you will get 20% OFF on WP Rocket caching plugin.

WP Rocket vs W3 Super Cache Vs W3 Total Cache

Guys from WP rocket has done a great job in comparing the features provided by other caching plugins.

Here is a great comparison chart from WP rocket comparing all the other widely used caching plugins

wp rocket comparision
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