[80 % OFF] Kubernetes Certification Coupon ( Updated For July 2024)

latest Linux Foundation Coupons and promotions

If you are looking for Linux Foundation Coupons to save on CKA, CKAD, CKS Certification, Courses, Skillcreds, IT Professional Programs, these promo codes are are for you.

We will look at the discounts and savings tips for each category. We will also look at all the information about the offering. 

First, let’s look at exclusive and official coupons provided by the Linux Foundation to maximize your savings.

Note: We have tested and updated the current working coupons for July 2024.

Linux Foundation Coupons (July 2024)

Every month Linux Foundation publishes coupon codes for certifications, courses, and IT professional programs. Sometimes there will be exclusive promotions for instructor-led training as well.

There are many options provided by the Linux foundation to maximize your savings as per your certification and learning requirements. Let’s take a look at all the options.

[40% OFF] Kubernetes Certification Coupon (CKAD , CKA , CKS, KCNA and KCSA

The current site-wide discount offers flat 40% discount on all the Linux Foundation offerings like Certifications, Skillcreds, Training, and IT professional programs

Coupon: Use code K8S10YEARSCT at Checkout

For maximum savings, you can purchase the certifications bundles. You will get up to 50% discount when you choose bundle purchases.

Coupon: Use code KUBEK8 at Checkout

Hurry Up: This Offer is valid only for limited time Soon.  

You can use this coupon for CKS, CKAD, CKS, KCNA, and other key certifications.

  2. CKA + CKAD + CKS Bundle
  3. CKA + CKS Bundle

Here is what you need to know about the Kubernetes Certification exams.

  1. Once you register, you have one year to complete the certification
  2. All Kubernetes certifications are condcuted online and its remotely proctored
  3. You get a total of two attemtps.
  4. With every exam registration, you will get two free practice exams in the killer.sh portal.

[80% OFF] Linux Foundation IT Professional Programs

IT Professional Program offers weekly learning schedules for absolute beginners to master most in-demand cloud and other cloud-native technologies. Currently, there are four IT Professional Programs offered by the Linux Foundation. The best part is, that every professional program comes with a free Certification.

All 4 programs come with bundle savings of $1,000. You will get an additional 20% discount using the discount coupon. That is up to 80% discount. During official promotions, you could get up to 40% extra discount.

Coupon: Use code K8S10YEARSCT at Checkout

[Up To 27% OFF] Linux Foundation Exclusive Coupon

With this exclusive Linux Foundation flash sale coupon, you can get up to 27% discount on the entire Linux Foundation library of courses, certifications, skills, and IT professional programs.

You can use this voucher code for CKA, CKAD, CKSKCNA, KCSALFCS,  PCA, FINOPSNodeJSCHFA, and ISTIO certifications.

Coupon: Use code SCRIPT20 at checkout

Following are the key offers that help you get the maximum savings on the popular DevOps certifications.

$306 savings with the CKA + CKAD + CKS certification bundle.

Coupon: Use code SCRIPT20 at checkout

$210 Savings with CKA + CKS Certification bundle

Coupon: Use code COMBUNDLE25 at checko

[20% OFF] Linux Foundation Instructor-led Courses Coupon

There are 12+ instructor-led courses on the Linux Foundation. You can get a flat 25% discount on all the instructor-led courses using the official exclusive coupon.

Coupon: Use code SCRIPT20 at checkout

20% OFF Linux Foundation Exclusive Discount

Get a 20% exclusive discount on all the Linux foundation Certifications, Skillcreds, IT professional programs, instructor-led programs, etc.

Coupon: Use code SCRIPT20 at Checkout

Note: If you are planning to get more than one offering, please go through all the saving tips given below. Our idea is to guide you to the best discount by choosing an option that serves your purpose with maximum savings.


There are five Kubernetes-based certifications on the Linux Foundation. You can get an exclusive 25% discount on all these certifications using our exclusive coupon code.

Coupon: Use code SCRIPT20 at Checkout

CKA, CKAD, CKS Bundle Discount ($306 Savings)

You can get $306 Savings with CKA, CKAD, and CKS Bundle.

Coupon: Use code DCUBE20 at Checkout

CKA + CKS Bundle Discount ($185 Savings)

Get an exclusive $185 discount on the CKA + CKS certification bundle.

Coupon: Use code DCUBE20 at Checkout

KCNA + CKA Bundle Discount ($170 Savings)

This is a great bundle for people getting started with Kubernetes certifications. Once you do KCNA, you will get the hang of the cloud-native landscape, and you can continue with CKA with confidence.

Coupon: Use code SCRIPT20 at Checkout

25% OFF Skillcred Coupon

There are six Skillcreds offered by the Linux Foundation. These are credentials primarily focused on DevOps Engineers to showcase their skills in foundational technologies like Git, YAML, JSON, Bash, VIM, and Helm.

Linux Foundation Skillcred Coupon

You can get up to 25% discount on Skillcred.

Skillcred Coupon: Use code DCUBE20 at Checkout

10% Off Thrive One Memberships

If you are using Linux foundation courses for learning and certifications, Thrive One membership offers great savings. With this membership, you will get access to all the e-learning catalog courses. Which is usually priced at $250 per course. Also, you will get complimentary certification vouchers based on the membership plan.

All the membership plans offer a free 10-day trial. If you opt for yearly plans, you can get a 10% discount using the

Thriveone Coupon: Use code THRIVEONE10 at Checkout

50% CKA, CKAD, and Other Certifications and Training Using Tux Rewards

Once you spend $500 with the Linux Foundation, you can get a 50% discount on certifications like CKA, CKAD, CKS, etc. Every dollar you spend on the Linux Foundation is equal to 1 point. When you earn 500 points, you are eligible for a 50% discount coupon.

Note: The offer is applicable only if you have existing points

In my personal training account, I have 1210 points, which means I am eligible for a 50% discount on Certification.

You can find the points in your Linux Foundation profile as shown below.

50% Linux Foundation Discount using tux reward points.

Exclusive Discounts for Academia & Government Personnel

Linux Foundation offers special discounts through

  1. Academic Partner Program
  2. Rancher Government Solutions (RGS)

If you are a student or faculty in an accredited institution, the Linux Foundation offers instructor-led training and LFCS exams through the Academic Outreach Program.

If you are part of RGS, you will receive discount vouchers for training and certifications.

65% OFF Linux Foundation Cyber Monday Sale [Expired]

Get up to 65% discount as part of the Linux Foundation Cyber Monday sale. This is the biggest sale of this year. You will also get a free Gift with every purchase.

The next Cyber Monday sale is in 2024 November.

Coupon: use code CYBER23COM at checkout

Best Deal Pick: The best savings is when you get the CKA + CKAD + CKS bundle with 65% savings.

Following are the other bundle discounts that you could use to save up to 65%

  1. 65% Off IT Professional Programs w/ Code CYBER23ITPP
  2. 65% Off Power Bundles w/ Code CYBER23PB
  3. 65% Off Bundles w/ Code CYBER23BUN
  4. 50% Off SkillCreds w/ Code CYBER23SKILLCRED
  5. 50% Off Instructor-Led Courses w/ Code CYBER23ILT

10% OFF All Access Subscriptions [Early Cyber Monday Offer]

Linux Foundation Cyber Monday deals are early this year. You can get a 10% discount on All Access Thrive one membership for a limited time. Along with the discount, you can get 2 certification exam vouchers (valued at up to $790) using the Thrive One premium subscription.

Coupon: Use code CYBERTHRIVE23 at checkout

50% OFF Linux Foundation Site Wide Certification Sale [Expired]

If you are looking for a specific certification discount you can make use of the exclusive coupon code to save a flat 50% discount on all the Linux Foundation Certifications.

Certification Coupon: Use code CYBER23COM at Checkout

You can check all the certifications from the certification catalog

35% Linux Foundation New Year Sale [Expired]

Get a 35% discount on Linux foundation certifications, courses, Skillcreds, and IT professional Programs.

Coupon: use code NEWYEAR24COM at checkout

[30% Discount] Linux Foundation International Women’s Days Offer (Site Wide) – (Expired)

Get flat 30% discount on Linux foundation certifications, IT professional programs and training courses. It is a three days only offer.

Promo code: Use code IWD24 at checkout

Note: This offer expires on March 8, 2024

[30% OFF] Linux Foundation EarthDay Sale [Expired]

As part of EarthDay Sale, Linux Foundation offers a flat 30% discount on all certifications bundles, skillcreds, e-learning courses and IT professional programs.

Coupon: Use code EARTHDAY24COM at checkout.

You can get up to 40% discount using this sale if you buy the certification bundles. These Linux Foundation coupon codes will be available always. So make use of it.

Following are the key certifications bundles.

$419 savings with the CKA + CKAD + CKS certification bundle.

Coupon: Use code EARTHDAY24COM at checkout

$283 Savings with CKA + CKS Certification bundle

Coupon: Use code EARTHDAY24 at checkout.

$229 Savings With KCNA + CKA bundle

Coupon: Use code EARTHDAY24COM at checkout

Note: This exclusive offer expires on April 15th.

[55% OFF] Linux Foundation DevOps Sale [Expired]

This month as part of an education sale, The Linux Foundation is offering up to 55% discount on its certifications, Skillcreds and IT professional programs.

Coupon: Use code MAY24SPECIALCT at checkout

You can get to 55% discount when you opt for the following certification bundles.

Use coupon MAY24ILTCT at checkout.

  1. KCNA + KCSA + CKA + CKAD + CKS – Kubestronaut Bundle ($938 Savings)
  2. CKA + CKAD + CKS Exam bundle ($638 Savings)
  3. CKA + CKS Bundle ($428 Savings)
  4. KCNA + CKA ($348 Savings)
  5. KCSA + CKS Exam Bundle ($348 Savings)
  6. KCNA + KCSA Exam Bundle ($203 Savings)

[40% OFF] CKA, CKAD, CKS, KCNA, KCSA Coupon [Expired]

If you are looking for CKA coupon or other Kubnernetes certification coupon, make use of this exclusive discount to save 40% on all the Kubernetes certifications.

Coupon: Use code MAY24CT at checkout

[Flat 40% OFF] Linux Foundation Site Wide Sale [Expired]

Score career goals with Up to 40% savings on all the Linux Foundation certifications, bundles, IT professional programs, Skillcreds and courses till June 18, 2024,

Coupon: Use code JUNE24CT at checkout

Note: Locking the discount before it expires on 18th June.

About The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization that primarily supports open-source Linux development and other open-source projects. There are 850+ open-source projects under the Linux Foundation. Also, 17k+ organizations are contributing to the Linux Foundations.

One of the key contributions of the Linux Foundation to the tech community is Linux Foundation training and certification programs. There are 26 certifications offered by the Linux Foundation. These are sought-after certifications in the IT industry.

Linux Foundation primarily has the following offerings

  1. Certifications
  2. Courses
  3. Skillcreds
  4. Instructor-Led Training
  5. IT Professional Programs
  6. Thrive One Memberships
  7. Corporate Solutions.

Linux Foundation Latest Updates

In this section, we will look a the latest Linux Foundation updates on certification, training, and exclusive promotions.

There is a policy change for the certification validity from April 1st 2024. As per the official announcement, all the certifications with a 36-month validity will change to a 24-month validity for exams taken April 1, 2024, 00:00 UTC.

In the latest Kubecon event, the Linux Foundation has announced the following three certifications.

  1. Cilium Certified Associate (CCA)
  2. Certified Argo Project Associate (CAPA)
  3. Certified GitOps Associate (CGOA) Certification


I’ve been paying for Linux Foundation certification since 2019 and keep doing new certifications and renewing the existing ones. So I keep track of Linux Foundation voucher codes that are published officially in emails, Reddit, and other social media channels.

I pretty much covered all the discounts offered by the Linux Foundation for this month. I keep updating the guide once new coupons are available.

If you would like to know more details about Linux Foundation coupons, drop a comment below.

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