DevOps Statistics & Growth

DevOps statistics (2029-2024 and beyond)

The DevOps market is booming, and it is the highest-paying job in the IT sector.

Let’s take a look at DevOps statistics and growth.

What Is DevOps?

In the tech world, DevOps is used to combine software development and IT operations work. It is the practice of automation and implementation.

Devops statistics: 87% of Indian companies started DevOps in 2018

More than 87% of Indian companies started DevOps in 2018 (Harshal Sawant).

DevOps in India is growing, and the search for DevOps courses is increasing daily among freshers, and everyone knows about the importance of DevOps.

DevOps Tools:

Here is a list of a few DevOps tools. Let’s take a look.

  1. Kubernetes
  2. Jenkins
  3. Docker
  4. Prometheus
  5. Grafana
  6. Thanos
  7. Ansible
  8. Terraform
  9. Git

These are the most popular tools in DevOps.

DevOps Global Market Statistics

Right now, DevOps is one of the top skills and most wanted technology in every company globally.

The DevOps market expanded by $10.4 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $25.5 billion by 2028 (Blog

DevOps is in the top 10 demanded skills worldwide in 2022 and 2023. In the coming years, the demand for DevOps will be high.

Payscale said that if DevOps engineers learn more in DevOps, they will earn more, and in the US, the salary is 10 times higher than in India.

Next up are the 2019 statistics of DevOps.

DevOps Statistics 2019

Let’s see how DevOps growth was in 2019.

In 2019, the DevOps market crossed $4 billion. We all know that every industry was down due to the pandemic (COVID-19).

At that time, the DevOps market started to boom, and everyone understood the importance of DevOps.

DevOps Statistics 2020

Let’s see the DevOps industry situation and growth in 2020.

According to strongdm,

99% of them say DevOps has had a significant impact on their organization.

61% of them say implementing DevOps in the organization helped them produce higher-quality outputs.

DevOps Statistics 2021

  • 83% of IT decision-makers said that implementing DevOps practices opens higher business value in the organizations. (strongdm)
  • The unemployment DevOps engineers rate was 2.1%, but in 2020 the unemployment rate was 2.4%. (krusche)

DevOps statistics 2022

The DevOps market is expected to grow from $2.9 billion to $8 billion by 2022, according to IDC’s prediction.

Here are the most used tools in 2022 by DevOps engineers (krusche)

  • Linux – 26%
  • Docker – 25%
  • Terraform – 19%
  • AWS – 17%
  • Bash – 13%
Devops statistics:  most used tools in 2022 by DevOps engineers.

According to Krusche, DevOps/DevSecOps is the most needed software development worldwide, and 47% of software teams used it in 2020.

But in 2021, only 35.9% were used by software teams.

From the above statistics, we know that the demand for DevOps is increasing daily.

DevOps Statistics 2023

Based on Statista, in 2023, the second most demanded skill is DevOps, which recruiters demanded.

19% of recruiters are struggling to find an experienced DevOps engineer professional (Templeton-recruitment).

From these statistics, you can see that there is a higher demand for experienced DevOps engineers than for freshers.

DevOps Statistics 2024

DevOps is the most needed skill in the IT sector. The demand for DevOps is growing daily, and I think you all know the importance of DevOps.

Let’s see some statistics about DevOps.

According to Radix, DevOps helps organizations reduce their time spent in support cases by 60%.

Also, organizations can invest 33% of their time in infrastructure improvement on DevOps (radix).

95% of organizations say that platform engineering will help them realize the importance and benefits of DevOps.

According to the Google report, in the current state, 77% of organizations depend on DevOps to deploy software.

DevOps Engineer Salary In India:

This statistic is published by Glassdoor, one of the top job sites.

They said the average salary for DevOps is ₹8,45,000 per year.

Demanded Skills For DevOps Engineers

Let’s list down a few of the most needed skills in DevOps. (

1. Monitoring & Logging

You should know how to use monitoring and logging tools effectively.

2. Programming Languages For DevOps

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C++

3. Containerization – Docker

Containerization is the process in which every component of the application is compressed into a single image and run in an isolated environment.

For this process, there is a tool called Docker.

Docker is the most demanded tool in DevOps.

4. Orchestration – Kubernetes

Orchestration is the process in which the containerized application that is deployed is scaled and managed by the orchestration tool itself.

One of the most commonly used container orchestration tools is Kubernetes.

For orchestration, many companies and DevOps engineers are using this tool, and it is the most needed in DevOps.

5. Cloud Platforms For DevOps

Here are the three demanded skills in cloud platforms.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP

6. Continous Integration Tools In DevOps

Here are the three demanded knowledge in continuous integration tools in DevOps.

  • Jenkins
  • Apache Maven
  • Apache Int

7. Automation and Configuration Management

Automation and configuration management is a process of automatically configuring applications during their deployment.

With the help of configuration files without manual intervention.

For this process, the demanded tools are

  • Ansible
  • Chef

These are the top-demand skills for DevOps engineers right now.

The Future Of DevOps

Let’s discuss the trends, growth, and future predictions in DevOps.

According to, there are some possibilities and recent trends that will shape DevOps in the future or not.

Let’s take a look,

  1. DevSecOps – security practice in DevOps
  2. AIOps and Machine Learning(ML) –  To automate and improve various features of DevOps.
  3. Microservices architecture – It assists businesses in developing modular, scalable software and encourages more rapid more agile deployments.
  4. Serverless computing – This assists in improving the development process.
  5. GitOps – Git commits are used to make changes to application or infrastructure configurations. This guarantees traceability as well as consistency.

These are the popular and growing and going to shape the future of DevOps.

Asia-Pacific’s DevOps Market Size Is Expected To Massive Growth Of Around 25% By 2028 (strongdm)

Devops statistics & prediction: Asia-Pacific’s DevOps Market Size Is Expected to Massive Growth Of Around 25% By 2028

MLOps Statistics

Machine learning operations (MLOps) is the process of automating and simplifying machine learning workflows and deployments.

The work of MLOps makes use of three connected areas: data engineering, software engineering (especially DevOps), and machine learning.

At $761.2 million in 2021, the size of the global MLOps market is projected to increase at an average CAGR of 26.4% to reach $3104.2 million by 2027. (LinkedIn)


In conclusion, I strongly assert that there are huge opportunities, and one of the top demanded skills now and in the upcoming years is DevOps.

If you want to enter the field of DevOps, that’s the best choice, I would say.

From the above statistics, you can conclude, right?

That is how DevOps is booming and in demand in organizations.

Learn DevOps and become an expert in the field.

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