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 Since I started learning AWS, I’ve taken three different online courses. Well – not all the three courses were helpful, and two were actually a waste of my time, in my personal opinion.You have to be careful about which ones you plan to subscribe if you choose the wrong course which could easily leave you really disappointed.

Luckily, the quality course does exist, and I’ve outlined it for you below. This online course is the best you can find. Am recommending you this course only because I am subscribed to it.

AWS Online Training 

As of now, the best AWS online training for beginners is Ryan Kroonenburg courses. He has courses that cover all the aspects of IT in AWS (Ops, Architect, and Dev).The best part is, he updates the courses to match the latest services added by AWS. His courses are not free and cost around $150. But luckily there is a site which offers discounts on his courses. So you can get his courses for $10.

  1. AWS certified solution architect course
  2. AWS certified developer course
  3. AWS certified sysops administrator
  4. AWS Lambda complete Guide

If you are looking for online training that prepares you for production ready deployments, you can signup for Pluralsight and Linux Academy. These are subscription-based sites where you can access all their courses. Not only AWS, you can learn all the cutting edge technologies from pluralsight and Linux Academy. I have taken python, AWS and elasticsearch administration courses from pluralsight. They were really good and saved me a lot of time.

You can make use of their free trial program and if you don’t like the courses you can terminate the account.

Not only AWS you can learn all the cutting edge technologies from well-experienced trainers. Some of their great courses are,

  1. Architecting Highly Available Systems on AWS
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for System Administrators
  3. All AWS courses



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